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  1. Also taken was a black and purple Honda dio scooter. Scooter can not be started tho.
  2. Hey. My friends White jzz30 soarer, wald body kit, 19" wheels, 1DMB 423, stolen last night from morley/lockridge area. If anyone has any information please contact rowan 0404756446
  3. hello friends. Having a garage clean up so need to get rid of heaps of stuff. I have: 1. Set of 14x5.5 +20ish unknown brand wheels. $170 2. Set of 5 AE82 alloy wheels. $50 3. 4AGE HKS twin carb manifold to suit bigport. $500 4. 4AGE smallport to bigport adaptor. Makes the HKS manifold fit on your smallport. $100 5. Almost new aftermarket KE70 sedan tail lights. SOLD 6. KE70 sedan doors. No door trims. $50 each. All 4 $170 7. Assorted KE70 interior bits. Ask for price. 8. Unknown brand sports muffler. $50 9. 4AGE valley cover $10 Maybe more added soonly. Will post smaller things. Local pick up only on things like the wheels and doors etc. Located Perth NOR. Not on here often. Call or message: 0411585297 Or PM. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9.
  4. Hello friends! I am selling a 1ggte with w57 gearbox. Reason for seling is i changed what i am doing with my car so do not need it anymore. It has a short shift kit, Xtreme heavy duty clutch, custom 3" front pipe. Also it has had a front sump. Engine is complete with all wiring, ECU, turbos, etc. Located in Perth, NOR. Pick up only. Looking for $700 don't get on here often, Message 0411585297, or PM. Holla!
  5. I am not. But they are good friends of mine.
  6. Just rock up on the day. Malicious intent will have a stand set up. Showoff Mag will be taking photos of certain cars. and there will be a full feature done by 7Tune!
  7. All parts bar the cooler and water pump have sold. New parts up soon
  8. Hey Everyone.... So - After months of planning I'm glad to say this is FINALLY here!!! Rising Sunday will happen June 26th 2011. that should give you guys plenty of time to clear your yellow stickers, wash your cars n give them a polish, get your coilovers lowered and get ready for some good old fashioned FUN. please hit the button which can be found on our Facebook page via this link get your cars ready because we're going to be featured in a few magazines and blogs nationally and internationally. including a nice article on 7Tune!!! so come down, bring your cars, bring your kids and be ready to BBQ!!!
  9. Hellooooo pepz!!! I have some things i am selling. I need moneys asap so quick sale. Everything is priced cheeeap! BUYBUYBUYBUY!!! Anyway! I has: 1. MA61 wheels with tyres. 2. Pioneer 6inch shallow mount speakers. (Perfect for *e7* doors) 3. JL Audio 6.5inch splits. 4. Boss 1000w 4 channel amp 5. Weld on coilover sleeves to suit AE86/E7 6. Waterpump to suit 4age RWD. 7. Standard RWD 4age exhaust manifold. 8. Intercooler. Prices: 1. $300. 2. $50. 3. $150. 4. $50. 5. $200. 6. $15. 7. $50. 8. $100. If you need any more info holla. Would like it gone by monday. So you should buy this stuff. Kcool. Pics: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 8. 6. [8.
  10. Okaaay. Chance of getting it without the car?
  11. Well. It might. I'm trying all options atm.
  12. Yo. I know no one will have one of these. And if you do you won't want to sell it to me. But anyway. As it says, i'm looking for a manual ae71 gearbox crossmember from ze panel van. Will pay postage and whatnot. In perth and will come pick up if you're somewhere around the area. Holla at me here or PM. Kbai.
  13. Ok. So, the water pump pulley on my 4ag was worn. I bought a JASMA pulley kit to suit 20v/16v. Bought a 20v water pump also as they are shorter (to help it line up) The water pump pulley sits about 4mm foward to the standard crank pulley and alt pulley. And the crank pulley from the kit is about another 4mm back from the standard pulley. Am I missing something? Should it all fit??
  14. Haha no beer but a free car... Car could be sold/swapped for lots of beer? As far as i know the z20 and z10 are the same. Comes with everything listed. All you'd need is tailshaft.
  15. You read right! I got a deal on. I know how you kids like your deals. Buy the engine and i'll give you a free RT142 Corona. Ooooh ideas anyone... ^,^ The cars interior has been stripped. Its all still here if you want to put it back in. Currently unlicenced, but it runs just fine. It's got the mighty 22RE with a reground cam (hellz yeah) Has been lowered a bit. And kiiinda doesn't have an exhaust before the diff. But hey, it's free! For pictures and stuff holla and i'll mmmmms them to you! 0411585297. (Mods, if you don't like the whole carr in the parts section i'm terribly sorry)
  16. Hello Ladies and gentleman, boys and girls! Up for grabs right here I have a 1GGTE twin turbo engine, and 5spd box. Engine is originally out of ze Supra. Was pulled out of a Z10 Soarer less than a month ago, and was running fine beforehand. As it was in the Soarer it has had a front sump put on. Comes with: -all wiring and ECU. -turbos and all. -intercooler piping with radicool blue silicon hoses to impress your friends. -xtreme heavy duty clutch. -custom 3inch dump pipe. -short shift kit. -AFM. Looking for $1000ono. Holla via PM if you're interested or have any questions. Don't get on here to often to check. Cheers. Josh.
  17. Sup people Looking for KE70 panel van gearbox crosmember. Have Cash ready. Located Perth NOR. Will pay postage and all that jazz. Contact here or PM Cheers!
  18. Yo. I am currently swapping my 4age from my ke70 sedan to my panno. The gearbox crossmember bolted up nicely to the sedan. But trying to put it in to the panno and the bolt holes don't line up. Anyone had these problems? Other crossmembers i can use? Cheers.
  19. Hahaha ^ +1 I fit doors on the panno... But then i didnt really car about the bodywork.
  20. All i can say is there is going to be a lot of late nights this week, and my credit card is going to take a thrashing!! Yo twisted, could i steal the water pump pulley off you 4ac? If its the same as the 4ag one.
  21. Yo people! Chasing standard rwd 4ag exhaust manifold. Need them asap. Have cash waiting. I'm NOR but will travel far and wide to pick up. Contact me here or PM or on 0411585297 Cheers josh.
  22. Bah! the race is on ken! I'm trying to get my engine in, running, and licenced in the panno before feb 4th haha! ZIGZAGS RUN!!!!!
  23. This is the perfect place to ask! Anyone know a good place to get beadblasting done? Also place i can get my extractor repaired at?
  24. Put me down for a maybe. Prob won't have a licence. But may passenger up in mates jzx100.
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