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  1. Parts Desired: hi, just after a ke70 diff in xc or gc, if your willing to post ect, i'm willing to pay at my cost. i urgently need one and there arn't any at the wreckers, unless the wreckers are being slack, but car is about to stop anyday, thanks everybody. Your Location: Bundaberg , 4670 Contact: message or pm me on here
  2. hey man is ya car lowered, I'm getting my second keto soon and its lowered but currently has 16"s on it but i was going to put my 13" centrelines on it, so i don't know if its gonna be too low with 13's on lol cheers bud, jess. oh btw looks clean, nice car.
  3. hey bud nice ride, clean too, i like that name delilah for a car........
  4. well u musnt want to get rid of it that quickly if u can't find out that info for me, i will give u $120 plus whatever postage and i will find out how much it costs if u can find out how much it weighs and the measurements.
  5. i know its a lil off this topic but does anybody know if korn tours in australia???
  6. hey if you can find out how much it weighs and the measurements of it, i could find out how much it is to post to where i am.
  7. ok lol i never knew that but if it works i would go for it, but hey I'm just a 17 yr old chicky so i dnt know much lol
  8. Parts Desired: Hey all just after a pair of front bumper bar lense caps for ke70, and mirrors to suit ke70, pref crome or something along those lines..... Your Location: bundaberg, 4670, QLD if your willing to post that'd be great Contact: message or pm me here cheers, jess.
  9. hey bud i don't actually think you can get nice grills and diff head lights, ect for slanty front ke70, i have one and i think its the ugliest thing alive, but am looking at getting flat front, can do so much more with looks with them
  10. awesome can you find out how much it is to bundaberg 4670, qld cheers
  11. yeh sure thing, what type of condition is it in, beacuase I'm after one thats not falling apart like mine is lol :P
  12. Parts Desired: radiator to fit ke70, pref in vgc Your Location: I'm located in bundaberg QLD Contact: message or pm me here cheers all, jess.
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