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  1. For sale: Pair 15 x 8.5 -21 SSR MK-1 with tyres $700 Condition: Second hand with new centre caps Pictures: Contact Details: PM here, reply here, sms 0415 84one 646 Location: Sydney Delivery & Conditions of Delivery: Can post if required
  2. Hi all, I am selling my 3 Omori gauges which I imported from Japan last year. Perfect look for 80s and early 90s cars, seen in many AE86 and S13s Located in Earlwood, will bost at buyers expense Price $300
  3. yea there is a company in sydney that can make them new, I will test out the sv11 one and see how it goes first
  4. I cross referenced the part numbers and found that the SV11 share the same numbers as SV21 depending on year (as SV21 is more common) but the SV11 shows two part numbers, so i am not sure if you use the early or late model part number
  5. This thread better explains my issue, but i wanted to ask here as well http://www.ae86drivingclub.com.au/forums/showthread.php/26022-AE86-Disc-T-series-into-AE71-KE70-Sed-Handbrake-cables-what-is-going-on
  6. Hi all, What handbrake cables are used when using a T series disc rear end into ae71? I currently have the AE86 disc cables but they do not fit. I have read that you can use the camry splitter piece near the handbrake? What have you guys done in the past? Note ae71/ke70 are different to AE86
  7. hey guys still have for sale!! have an interested party so last chance!
  8. You would have to do your own research to see if it would fit, we never got TE70 delivered here and are very rare.
  9. hey mate, 4age flywheel is not for sale, which manifold are you after?
  10. Hey mate parts i am after slant front bar headlight protectors front seats
  11. I want to sell it as a whole package. Not sure on freight to Melbourne, would have to look into it
  12. I have unfortunately decided to sell the 5K setup in my KE70 Specs: 5K block which has been decked about 5mm with 5K crank and 5K head 4AGE bluetop pistons and rods machined to suit 10.7:1 compression ratio Designed to run on 98 octane All internals balanced except for flywheel as I had made this lighter Kawasaki GPZ1100 quad throttle bodies with custom inlet manifold to suit Have the loom and Haltech fuel ecu to go with it Can come with downdraught Holley 180 that has been rebuilt 290 degree Camtech cam, biggest 4k cam you can get from Camtech Uprated valve springs Clutch fan 4-1 custom extractors New head gasket, fuel pump, seals, waterpump etc This engine was originally used by KE25 RACER in his IPRA KE25 then bought by another guy who sold it to me and I had it rebuild by LW Parry I believe it needs new piston rings though, which is only because I reused old rings when I put it all back together. $1500 located in Sydney Reason for selling is that I need to buy a T series for my AE71 This engine made 100kw when it was first built with its 3k head
  13. Hi all, Have for sale xmembers to suit SR20 located in sydney after 200
  14. would you be keen in posting a manual conversion to sydney?
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