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  1. Hey mate. Do you still have the 3kb manifold??
  2. Hey man, nice... Just wondering were the rolla is located
  3. Were do you live?? Were abouts is the old girl
  4. Yes please man, just want to make sure it's the rite model ke10 with no door lock sitting on top by the glass like normal cars have... Mine has the door handle as lock
  5. Hey man, I'm kean on a 68'model ke10 Guard, Door for both. passengers side if you have and How much? Live in Brisbane
  6. Would you consider shipping it up to Brisbane at my expense? Nice old girl
  7. Hey man, I'm just chasing a 68 style dash lining? Ok condition/suitable to recon? It's the ke1x with the round gauges
  8. WEre is this located man?? What year is the wag
  9. Bro kean on the corolla1200 badge. Ship to brisbane
  10. My bad, this isn't my information to give out... Even if it is completely untrue! Apologies man. Goodluck with your sale
  11. This old gurl is sold to a ke lover. Shes going Mattblack
  12. Cheer bro, she's gone to a good home
  13. She's gone to a good home. Sold!!!
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