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  1. nah sorry will be working chris
  2. yep.. in no rush to sell as i will be gettingn licence back soon an will just drive it myself chris
  3. a ke70 with jap lights deep dish ssr's sr20det you all know the rest hmmmm I'm in love. chris
  4. still for sale guys..
  5. :) couple of more pics chris
  6. yeah it has spare springs in boot for roadworthy maybe tyres the springs front bar??
  7. car is still for sale an like all ke70s it has a 4kc. engine runs good gearbox is good clutch is f@$ked can get another one for 30$ hardly no rust 270XXXkms 650 as is 700 with clutch cheers chris
  8. :faq: i swaer that is my old rolla haha. where bouts did you see this beast?? pics of my old rolla
  9. very very nice what type of webber is that?? an how much do they sell for second hand?? thanks chris
  10. very nice rolla looks really clean need to be lowered badly though can see the body roll something cronic haha chris
  11. just go to your local wreckers an ask for a 2L TE cortina webber carby shouldnt be anymore then 70>80$ then head down to super crap an get an adapter plate for 15$. improves the car alot. it is what i have had on my last 3 rolla's an also what my mates have on theres hope this is any help chris
  12. oh yeah sorry bout that musta forgot i live on the gold coast in ashmore chris
  13. hey buddy how much do u want for the 5k and does it start an run good reply asap to 0433342320 or [email protected] please i am not on rollaclub very much thanks chris
  14. hey all selling my mates KE70 1984. its got a 5 speed manual, 270xxxkms, baby blue in colour mirror window tint, the whole car is totally stock except for the chopped springs, needs a new clutch as it has shat itself an shards gone into the flywheel so it wont start. he is asking 700firm car was mechanically fine an ran perfect untill the clutch gave way call me on 0433342320 don't pm here as i most likely wont read it thanks chris
  15. hey is this still for sale if so i might be interested cheers -chris