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  1. Looking good Justin, keep up the good corolla work and do SDCC proud. If you need some corolla bits give me a call, I'm just in Kialla. Trav
  2. Hi guys, I was thinking that what's the most important thing for your first born to have, that's right a scale correct version of their dads Racecar. So I got out my saw and a paint brush and after a while came up with a scale correct version of my ipra race care ke55 corolla!
  3. As said above, I'm interested if it will fit a ke3x corolla to
  4. As mentioned earlier I will list prices and pics over next couple days. Mods if your not satisfied please remove and I'll post again when I have all details.
  5. Ok, now I'm in front of computer for five minutes ill list what i can from memory: 2TG long motor, 222 profesionally ported head, valves replaced not long before engine was removed, trd 288 and 272 cams 2tg weber/solex inlet manifold 2 X 2tg heads with rocker covers, 1 with cams complete, other missing a couple valves and cams, will check numbers and list them 3t short motor, pistons were flycut for dohc head (poorly i might add), from memory has 1 cracked piston, has 2tg timing covers and guides/chains etc 2tg short 2t bare block numerous 2tg bucket/shims, cam caps etc etc 2tg dummy 1/2 cams (camshaft that runs oil pump and dizzy) multiple 2t/g flywheels ta22 split case 4sp, with bellhousing for reduction drive starter ke55 5sp g/box, think it is locked in 2 gears after car accident gen 3 3sge multiple 2tg oil pumps couple dizzys in various condition 2tg VRS gasket set 2t head assorted 2t pushrods, and other stuff Please note: I am not selling the 2tg long as a perfect engine, it was running really well with no problems when it was removed from the old mans race car, and has sat in the shed ever since, so it should be fine, but i would personally give it a freshen up as it was used in a club car for a year or so. There is enough good stuff here to build a couple nice 2tg/3tg engines and still have a comprehensive spares package, this stuff is starting to get hard to find, might even suit the person who wants to build a replica te27 or te37 corolla. I'm open to offers but would like to move the t series stuff as a package if i can. I'm happy to ship bigger stuff at your cost but don't ask to get a single headbolt sent as i don't have time to waste on sending small items at little or no cost! Serious offers please, i know what this stuff is worth, but i just don't have a use for it anymore Will trade for complete TE37 Levin!!!!!!!!! haha Trav
  6. Hi guys, I have a whole heap of 2tg parts and a couple engines I'm looking to move pin, happy to party stuff out after a while but would prefer to sell the lot as a massive spars package first. I will pussy pics and more details in a day our so but if your looking for something specific pm me and I'll respond. I'm located in Shepparton Victoria. As a quick list there is complete engine, ported had trd cams, 3t short, 2tg shorts, heads, cams, oil pumps, manifolds, flywheels, etc etc. Trav 0418552413
  7. Parts Desired:I am after a set (2 will get me out of striff though) of standard 15 inch hi-ace rims 2005 model onwards. With or without tyres doesnt matter. Please let me know if you have some or steer me in the direction where i could get them Regards Trav Call 0418 552 413 Your Location:Shepparton Contact: 0418 552 413
  8. Hey Raynman, What ever happened to the ex Ari Vibert TE37 corolla, i use to work for Andrew and was heavily involved in the building and development of the old girl, it was offered to me for sale before you guys bought it, and ive kicked myself ever since for not snapping it up. Any idea who has it now, whats condition its in etc? Regards Trav
  9. Now listed on ebay, so chances are you will get it cheaper there if you are interested guys. Cheers. Trav PS: Hurricane, yep i suspect yours is diffirent.
  10. Mine is of a 3sge beams engine, I'm pretty confident that the T series which is the same as a G series is diffirent to a S series profile, i suspect yours is a 3sge is200 box not a 1Gfe box, i may be wrong though Trav
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