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Toyota Pics From Puerto Rico

casañas racing

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i niticed that most have the bumpers removed, i know the plastic ones are quite heavy but it seems the trend to have none at all?


I should point out that the clubman racing sprinter is all corolla (Steel panels etc), It even still has the working bonnet release cable, The engine bay shots are also very nice.

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ohh yes we have a trend of removing the bumpers 1rst cuz they weigh a lot and we try to go fast no matter what but in some cars looks real good like they ment to be without them hahaha,


also casan~as said that i am like the rice and beans cuz i am everyware hahaha an ol saying from puerto rico,


wel pictures will keep coming from us till we run out of em. here are some of the powerplants pictures of couple of the 7 second cars from Puerto Rico enjoy


la baby turbo



men in black



west racing



el elegido






litlle gabriel



nibo race



el papote



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the reason on that isue is not because the lag is because they run on alcohol (methanol) and the engine runs real cold no need for cooling the charge that is already cold, in a alcohol car you need gods ammounts of fuel to run wright already if you cooled the charge more you are going to need more fuel then and it is a litlle hard to stabilize the intake charge and the tunning is not that presize so in order to a better tunneabllity the intake charge is not intercooled giving us a better and stable setup to tune!

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well the lt10s i can get it for $999.00 US dollars! for the stand alone and $845.00 for the fuel only like the one in the picture! (THIS PRICES ALWAYS CHANGE WITH THE DOLLAR EXCHANGE) and that is my cost, i sell em for a litlle more to get profit, but i am not rely on this for my shop, i am not the best seller for microtech but i am one of the sellers that get the customer what they are paying for!

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