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Toyota Pics From Puerto Rico

casañas racing

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Trev I though that was Willowbank but I want 100% sure.


But I have a picture of a KE15 drag car is white on my computer some where I snapped it last time I was out there watching the jet drag cars. Seems there are quite a few KE15/7 sprinter drag cars getting around.




Its probably Georgy Waigners car, He runs a sprinter with high cut guards.

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hey carlos casan~as you are everyware men hahahaha yeap this is my good friend from my litlle island of PR i am new here and want to say hi to all tha boyz from down under, like casn~as i am puerto rican and like the drag rollas and ol school better here are couple of my prijects to share with my frinds from aussie!










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that car is from puerto rico hes run in the jamborre 2006 in willowbank is the champiom there category the name is the clubman racing the engine is 13b rotary engine turbo lyberty trany


Yes I'm aware that its Iván Martínez and he's from P/R, I have been to almost every Jambo in the past 10 years, I was just pointing out that the pic was from when he was here.

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