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  1. Define 'shat itself'.... You can get the wafers replaced in those barrels for about 30 bucks. Pretty common fault.
  2. No need for macca's trays when you have #Pakiswag
  3. Conversations with my ex girlfriend
  4. I just stick my phone in a little recess on the scooter's cluster :P
  5. Does YOUR car have a fridge for transporting ice cream? No. No it does not.
  6. I choose to take this line completely out of context.
  7. Totally. I reckon you'd get at least 5 grand for each kid, you could get a BRAND NEW Corolla.
  8. Heyyyy I have a spare one of those....
  9. Ah, yeah... Actually... There was a Celsior and a Surf across the road, both ours. Both had trailers on, loaded up with a KE and Trueno...
  10. Fortunately, I live on the same street as a large dealership so the entire street is full of cars. Mine go relatively unnoticed :P
  11. Well, you can't actually SEE the backyard as such. Its covered in more cars.
  12. 24 and counting. You should see my backyard...
  13. Pfft... I'm still waiting for a set of wheels that were collected by courier over a week ago, from only halfway across the state. Sometimes these things take a while. Go chuck your little hissyfit somewhere else, princess.
  14. That's freakin' sweet... You can do mine and Teddy's expedition vehicles now :)
  15. I have one of those radio/cassette players if you would like me to send you a spare knob or three, or the entire unit... Free
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