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  1. Turned off at meton mowbray on the midlands highway, south of oatlands and went threw bothwell over the highlands, then down threw poatina and cressy. awesome drive. some good senery for some of it. Its all sealed threw this way.
  2. For sale: ae86 jap powersteering knuckles info: shorter factory knuckles for quicker steering and big lock whrn using ae86 struts condition: used location: tassie postage: aus post incl in price Price: $160 posted ono contact: email would be best as i don't frequent this forum much anymore [email protected]
  3. Well there you go. I just have a different car from last time :P was talking to a guy who knew where my old kesev went. Aparently it had a 4ag put in it then it got parted out....
  4. Not really? different wheels, still had semi slicks. Actually was quite tidy looking, like it had been washed and polished lol
  5. That would of been a goer... oh well.
  6. Saw SIs yellow machine at kmart
  7. Or would consider a tiny car like Daihatsu Mira or Nissan micra
  8. Looking for a daily driver, must be manual and not a total shit box. T18, corona, celica would be pretty high on my list. Or tidy ae92 maybe. These a ae92 gti for sale in launceston, body is pretty rough, Matt black paint and over 300,000kays. Pretty sure pipster put a new clutch in it though as I sold one to him for it. I'd love it but it's too ʞ©$ɟed. Would be good for getting the motor for a rebuild maybe as it's a smallport 4ag. Think he is asking $1000. Works at autobahn and it's listed on gumtree.
  9. For sale: suzuki swift 1994 1.3L/5speed manual CD player just out of rego Runs well $950!!! http://launceston.gumtree.com.au/c-ViewAd?AdId=318822939&MessageId=MSG.VIEW_AD.AD_DELAYEDMXAdIdMZ318822939MXGuidMZ132c376b-7bf0-a20b-26b0-e6f2ffff770fMXadDelayedMZ24&mpname=LocClass-FreeAd&mpuid=67369980%3B318822939%3B67369980%3B3000468%3B9299%3B%3B%3B%3B%3B1317539439384&secev=AQAAATKyewgAAM0AAAABACIxMzJjMzc4NjMxOC5hMjBiMjZlLjdiM2RjLmZmZmVmZGRkAAAAAQAAAAATANobAQAAAAUAAAAAOJ%2FZgInEwbRtGpPxJfO9BOJJcIWkob2b&wmid=318822939
  10. contact the seller then, it didnt sell.
  11. maybe it needs a light flywheel to take full advantage for the responsive intake?
  12. anyone do cheap aluminum welding??? in the launcestonish area
  13. yeah had a s13 for the best part of a year. had sr20 manual, coilovers, brakes, lsd etc. was good for skids and to just generally thrash around.... but its a bit meh. didnt take long to get used to the power of a stocker motor. i hope the buzz sensation lasts a bit longer with the cressy!
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