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i've worked with suzukisport japan for the last 4 years, working on JWRC super 1600cc rally cars. last year i was chris atkinson's no 1 mechanic, worked on monster tajimna's escudo at race to the sky, was there when the new cars were built(new swift) and built the 4wd test cars.


last time i was in japan i brought back 4 trd shocks(AE86) for our rally car.

i get 30% off TRADE. cheap!!


not bad!!!

there was so much trd stuff there it wasn't funny. even the local parts shop(like repco) stock it.


taking this year off just to have a break at home and do some local events.

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yeah i know what you mean, i brought 4 shocks for the rally car and it cost only $400 bucks, but the quality is what you pay for.


suzuki use a lot of trd stuff in there super 1600cc cars, like trans pumps, bushes, etc.


we've tried other shocks, like bilstien and koni, but alwways felt that the trd units were better, just really suited the car.the results show that,at jimna it finished 4th outright, not bad for a ke70 that's only 1540cc.


if i do need anything in the future i'll keep you in mind, always good to have someone who knows the product and is a corolla fan.


have found that there's a lot of trd stuff on ebay US and the prices are pretty good too, i would buy anything stuff from AUS they just ask to much for it, it's not that i don't think it's worth that money, but every dollar we save, is money spent towards competing with the car.


we're lucky, we have an asain freind who goes to japan a lot, loves corollas and has freinds there who can bid on stuff in yahoo auctions(japanese ebay) for us.


i'm coming to NZ sometime this year, so i might catch up with you.

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hehehee......cool you got to work on the escudo....awesome!


where did you actually see my car.....and if there was a big red head dude standing near it.....thats me

i saw your car drive though the service area at jimna and all so at a spectator point parked up, thought cool there's corolla supporter's here.


nice corolla.


yeah worked on the escudo last year getting it ready for race to the sky this year, which was last weekend, tajima won his 6th title.

got some pretty cool photos of the engine trans and suspension setups.

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yeah i think theres some things is japan that we can't get here... like the trans pumps etc! well we could get it, but they don't have EVERYTHING in the catalouges or on the website.


the thing ya gotta watch with ebay etc is theres a lot of fake stuff out there!


if your over here, let me know, id be keen for a chat. should ship the ke70 over for the timaru rally, ill be there crewing on the evo :D

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we have thought about that as the entry fee's here are stupid, you pay $465 for 160km's, as nz was under $200 for a lot more km and the roads don't [email protected]$k your car.


most of the trd stuff i've looked at or bought from the states has been from Rod Millen.


Ah Timaru Rally, worlds greats rally roads are in nz.

look forward to catching up and talking some shit.

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yeah iv heard the fees are stupid.

some of the guys from last years otago classic rally were sayings its cheaper to do an event like that in nz than a similar event in oz. thats taking into account shipping the car over.....



rod millen...... kiwi legend! :D

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you must have been talking to John spencer, he was at otago rally last year.

thanks to him we have a different format for our last rally of the year here in brisbane.


speaking of rod millen, we were at ashley forest hill climb when he broke the minute barrier in the 4wd rx7,i was there when Trev Parmenter broke both axles off the line in 1994(i think) use to work for him.


we done a 1.16.3 with no slippery and standard gearbox in our ke70 in 1990.got second to peter booth and bruce saxton from Dunedin.


ah the old days, when there were shit loads of corollas around.

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i wasnt speaking to them personally. sara (chick i crew for) was though. she also got to chat to juha kunkanen......



hehe trevs old fj20 powered 323..... a real weapon!

you prob know the dunns then. alan and bruce etc. I'm good mates with matt, alans son. hes got a 20v turbo ke70 at the mo.


they have built 2 2jz-gte powered ae101 levins, both circuit cars... rather cool!

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