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2004 Motorshow Classic Tour


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A brief run-down of the supplementary regulations:


1) Promoted by BSCC


2) The Event will start at multiple locations around Brisbane - BSCC room (West End), Mitchelton, Carindale.


3) Start time 8.30am 07/02. Each entrant required to book into start control by 8am.


4) Event will finish near 2004 Brisbane International Motor Show at approx 2.30pm. BBQ will be provided for all competitors and officials.


5) Entry fee $60 per vehicle. Each entry will receive complimentary passes to Motorshow, one for each crewmember. Entries close 5pm 03/02. Forward entries and forms to:


Event Secretary - Motor Show Tour

Brisbane Sporting Car Club

PO Box 3529

South Brisbane QLD 4101


6) Open to any road-registered motor vehicle in the following classes:

Class 1: Sports Cars

Class 2: Sedan Cars

Class 3: Family Entries (3 or more from same family in the crew)

Class 4: Motor Show Exhibitors

Class 5: Motorcycles


7) All drivers to hold at least a Level 1 CAMS licence. This is included in the entry fee for those drivers who have never held a competition licence (?). Previous or current licence holders are required to present a current licence at scrutineering


8) 3rd party insurance extension NOT required


9) Vehicle scrutineering will be held at the Start Venue prior to the start of the event. Evidence of legal road registration and current, valid drivers licence and CAMS Licence is requierd. The vehicle shall be in roadworthy condition (!)


10) Each entrant will be supplied with a map(s) that will be used to plot the course. A Brisbane Street Directory may be useful but is not necessary.


11) Each entrant will be required to carry Event Sponsor signage on the front doors (with numbers) and on the rear of the vehicle


12) Information night at BSCC Club rooms, 1/206 Montague Rd, South Brisbane on 04/02 at 7.30pm


13) For more information contact Sheridan at BSCC on 3846 0233

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Members dont see this ad

It is a touring road event. All navigation, no speed events. About 220km of all bitumen, good driving roads.


*edit* yes, it is a "race" - or I should probably say a competition? As in, there are winners, there are trophys. And yes, normal road rules apply. That doesn't necessarily mean you have to follow them, but if you're caught out it's your own problem.

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Umm... Nick. Read No 7 lately? You've never held a competition licence. Therefore you don't need a CAMS licence, it is included in the entry fee (well that's what I read from it anyway). It is normal for the Nav to pay half of the entry fee (from what I know), therefore it will set you back a whole $30 to enter this event... I don't even think you actually need to join a club...


Give BSCC a call. They'll be able to tell you for sure, but I can assure you this is motorsport at it's bare cheapest. Ever.

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