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Squeal/Screech After Clutch Replacement


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My ke35 corolla has developed a unusual screeching/squeel noise, its running gear consists of a 4age smallport,and later model adm t50 gearbox.


Went into a workshop to get rear main seal replaced due to oil leak, while there got the stock flywheel slightly lightened/balanced and new stock pbr clutch kit installed as my clutch was on its last legs.


Pretty much from the get go 15 mins driving home i noticed a squeel when not in gear just idle, doesnt go away if i press clutch in or release..

however its seems to disapear be alot less when in gear moving...also when getting moving when put in first and release clutch to engage gear i can hear light clunk noise then the squeeling stops when moving...



the cars going back to the shop next week but I'm just curious to know what you guys think.... :(


Could the clutch kit used be at fault?i read a ae92 clutch kit should be used for the smallport 4age 212mm flywheel, and the thrust bearing should be ae71/ae86 Thrust bearing.. if wrong bearing was used would it cause this noise? something not lubed properly?


workshop said sometimes new clutches need bedding in, clutch engagement seems fine.

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man ill bet if you do it yourself you wouldnt have a problem of mechanics f@$king up and telling you "its normal to have no brakes after changing them, the brake fluid is just bedding in"


most of all whered you get the work done?

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theres the video. its not the alternator or water pump bearings.

does sound like it from the front of the engine but. its kind of echoing around so its hard to find.

my money is on idler on the timing belt

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i don't think its the idler on timing belt evan.... you notice as soon as its in gear/under load no audible noise,maybe a little bit while changing gears, drove fine before the work was done to it, it has to be something clutch kit flywheel related....

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G`day mate, a couple of other thoughts. I listened to the video and its hard to tell from that but it is worth ruling out a couple of faults by doing the following:

Give the fan belt a short squirt with wd40 or similar and do the same with the cam belt idler pulley.

Do the same with the distributor shaft. I`ve had one dry out and create a horrible squeeling noise.

One other that I have experienced is the bearing/bush in the back of the crankshaft drying out and thus creating a squeel.( can only be repaired by removing the box and replacing the bearing.

Ensure that you have adequate freeplay in the clutch adjustment. If the throwout bearing is even slightly engaged in neutral at idle it will rapidly wear out/dry out and squeel loudly. Just reach under the car and give the clutch release shaft a wiggle back and forth. there should be a few millimetres freeplay in a well adjusted one.

And again, ensure that the box is holding the correct ammount of oil and not low and starving the input shaft bearing.

Good luck with it and I hope I`ve been some help.


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thanks for the suggestions car is back at the mechanic, still don't know what it is the gearbox was pulled out again all parts were checkd and compared to old parts all the same,new throw out bearing put in again just in case, everything lubed up which needed to be and adjusted, put back together, no sign of anything out of the ordinary still the noise is there...gearbox has fluid it was changed at same time and correct amnt in there.


mechanic thinks its definatly noise from under the car gearbox driveline area.


could the machined flywheel be at fault cause such a noise?

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