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  1. http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/TOYOTA-4AGE-INLET-EXHAUST-MILD-PERF-CAMSHAFTS-271152-272152-CROW-CAMS-/282084658335?hash=item41ad8e4c9f:g:dzAAAOSwEjFXdP9b items specs on ebay all items listed thanks
  2. Cleaning out bits I bought but never used Crow Cams for 4age I bought these as new old stock from engine builder appear to be never used only test fitted, TOYOTA 4AGE INLET & EXHAUST MILD PERF CAMSHAFTS - 271152 & 272152 (CROW CAMS) $450 neg New, Pair adjustable Cam gears Toyota 4AGE Blox red $70 New, Endurotec Toyota Corolla AE92 AE93 VRS Gasket Set Smallport 4AGE 4A-GE 16V 1987-1995 $130 neg or take the lot $600 msg me on here or sms 0413 267 629 Rod
  3. Needing working order early ke 35 sumitomo front brake calipers anyone who got some pls pm me ... regards Rod
  4. I have a T31 turbo diesel 5 speed auto. They have some problems with oil in the intake, (installed a oil catch can to fix) and Dpf blocking up ( had it removed and remapped ecu) . The diesel been good more torque than the petrol. Ive only heard of clutches in the manuals failing but I guess it depends on how you drive it!
  5. In Melbourne most brake places still on holidays. There is a large selection online as well as speed bleeder screws, make it easy to bleed considering these. All I know is the bolt is 10mm but the thread,length and taper end size i'm not sure about.
  6. Bled the stock brakes on my ke 35, I have noticed the front drivers side brake bleeder screw is seeping through the thread as it's not sealing properly. I removed it and cleaned it up as it was quite rusty, refitted it , re bled the system however still seeping. I want to try a new bleeder however the local car stores Repco, Bursons etc don't seem to stock any. I have seen a few on ebay however there are different sizes. Does anyone know the correct size/type I should be looking for? When I had it out I forgot to measure... Thanks
  7. 20valve 4age will still require custom work.... what cost was the 13b conversion going to be?
  8. I'm sure z418 ryco oil filter fits....smaller filter....
  9. great te37 so jdm .....love the front.... the rear light surrounds need to be chrome....
  10. great pics and perfect vehicle for the journey!
  11. the paint looks really great, excellent example of a ke70 and congrats on keeping it original... just needs wide wheels and drop it on it bump stops lol jk... on serious note would you consider widening the steel wheels? i think that would look great and still look original...
  12. its good to see you saved her you don't see these often. can't believe it was at wreckers! definatly deserves to be fixed....
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