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Squeal/Screech After Clutch Replacement


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Have you tried getting a long screwdriver and putting against your ear and the other end onto the engine until you find the loudest point of the noise?

This is one of the best ways of deciding what it could be.

To me it sounds like a water pump/ alternator bearing.

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car isback from mechanic fixed.... turned out i was building up pressure due to my rocker cover breather being incorectly plumbed into plenum... excess pressure in engine caused the rear main seal to blow out...the thread on toymods explains exactly what happened to my car... :bash:



for now i have just bought a small filter and connected to the rocker cover breather...no more noise...

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Hey guys just did a clutch, pressure plate and thrust bearing replacement in an au Falcon and now when driving there is a horrible squeezing noise but when there's the slightest bit of pressure on the clutch the sound goes away any ideas on why this is happening?

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Unfortunately, gearbox has got to come out again.

It will be obvious, whence you get it out, as there will marks to indicate somewhere.  No point in theorising atm.   just get it out, as it is not gouing to fix itself.

Let us know what you find !

Cheers  Banjo

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Yeah, surely have to be the thrust bearing just touching the pressure plate fingers. Maybe its slipping on them as its a bit stiff being new, only when you push the pedal does the bearing start to rotate.

Does it do it when you're not moving? If it doesn't, what's the difference? Revs?

Can you feel how much gap there is for the thrust bearing arm to move forward when the car is idling, or does it normally sit just touching the pressure plate.

Might wear itself in and stop...  or not!

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Are You sure you put the bearing on the right way around ?   From my quick research, the AU Falcon clutch thrust bearing only goes on one way.  One side is flat, (fitted towards the carrier), & the other side is curved (fitted outwards toward the fingers). If it was fitted in reverse, the fingers might touch the centre tube, before the curved section of the bearing.


This side above is the fitted side.


This side with the curved face, faces the fingers.

Just a thought !

Cheers Banjo


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