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Mumbleweed - Ra60 Celica - Full Respray..again


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Hi all,


I just realized I haven't made a thread for the wife's RA60 yet... We've had her almost a year!


Anyway the story started with the March 2010 Hail storm.

Our beloved Avalon copped a hiding in the storm, hundreds of dents in the roof, bonnet, boot and both sides.


After she was classed as a write-off and our insurance (with gap cover) paid out the loan we had on her we decided we didn't want to have another loan.


We did a bit of searching and waiting and found a one owner 1982 Celica for sale.

The lady selling her would have been in her 70's and absolutely loved the car.

As the car had lived it's whole life is Scarborough it had a bit of rust around the windscreen, the interior however was like new!

She didn't want to sell her "Cecilia" but she could no longer get out of the low car without help.

We promised her we would take good care of Cecilia and get the rust fixed.


My wife decided to rename the car "Mumbleweed", Bumblebee's "special" cousin lol-crying.gif


Notice the tape around the windscreen and rear quarter windows 16-lol.gif






The weekend after we brought Mumbleweed we entered her in Theo's run, a yearly run from Perth to Dowerin ending with a show at the Dowerin show grounds.


Here she is 3rd row from the front, taped in windscreen and all smile.gif



We got plenty of positive comments, rather surprising when she was sitting next to an E-type Jag and a Monaro tongue.gif





A few months after this we stripped her down and fixed all the rust.

We were going to keep the colour original but changed our mind and went with a brighter yellow.

Seeing as we weren't sticking with original we put red pearl over the top 16-lol.gif

I haven't taken any decent pics of her since then so I'll get some soon.


Last week I managed to score some MA61 rims for her!


Center caps are all perfect biggrin.gif


This is the offset with the original mags.



And here with the MA61's.




Just need to get rid of the silly stretch fitted 175's and put 195's on them and they will look great!

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Thanks Luke, just going to get new tyres then on they go. They're in great condition!


OK changing over the exterior passenger door handle today as the bolt had pulled out and the handle nearly falls out in your hand.


Got the handle out of the donor car easy enough



Then had drama's getting the bolt from the old handle out of Mumbleweed, the metal was bending before the bolt would turn :bash:



Ended up using a hammer and chisel and nut cracker to try and loosen it then I could just get the multigrips onto the nut.



Started to put the replacement handle in and the nut pulled out of that handle as well :bash:

I've put a heap of loctite on the nut, hopefully that will hold...



Just waiting for that to set then I'll put it all back together.

It's soooo much harder working on a car that you don't want to damage the paint :P

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