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The Dirty Datto 1600

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I`ve been making threats of doing a rides thread for this!! Now here it is.

Dad had me looking for 18months for a 1600 datsun for his weekender/track pig, oh and a bit of a project for me too. So almost 3yrs ago he purchased this `72 510/1600.




Link purely for exterior photos until i find my external hard drive.


Came with:


Fairly fresh L16(yeah right)

Stanza sss 5spd

Twin 40mm solex`s



Suspension and brakes:


240K struts w/peders springs and koni inserts

260C Brakes

21 mm Whiteline swaybar.


Peders springs

Peders sports shocks

R31 skyline brakes with Datsport adaptors.


Maxima front and rear seats.

dash painted some grey colour.


This was ok for about 3months then the so called "fairly fresh" L16 started not being so happy. which is when dad found on the trading post a complete FJ20ET(eng,box,loom,ecu) and also a complete Datsport fitting/handeling kit for $2200. SCORE!! the fit kit alone is worth $1650. That was 2 years ago now it`s up to this stage!!!

Now all i need is custom dump pipe done and a sturdy bracket for the AFM, then its ready for engineers :dance:



Thats it for now i`ll fill in the blanks(new specs) and build photos tomorrow.



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They are a tuff little car and you have a tuff little motor in there as well …. Looking good, I like it

Thanks for that dads pretty happy it's finally running. It's taken a while to do the conversion(2 years in fact). I've pretty much done everything myself except the electricals big thanks need to go to webers4x48 for that.

Plans after engineers are:

R33 gtst brakes(which I have)

Aftermarket ECU

Bigger Garrett roller bearing turbo(gt3071)

Bigger cams

And a built engine.


Then I'll chase 250-280rwkw.

Putting more pics up tonight.



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It's an angry sounding little bugger! Top work Stu! :y:

Thanks Luke, she`s straight off the turbo in the vid. hanging to get it signed off so i can start the rola.


can't wait to see the corolla in the flesh :fuzz:






So that Evan can see the 11 in the flesh!! :yes:


So specs now are:


Nissan dr30 skyline FJ20ET


dr30 5spd



ADM r31 nissan skyline front struts converted to coilovers by peders


Same as previous


200b master cyl

180b "small can" booster

remote mount resis


r31 rotors and calipers


r31 rotors and caliper.



Custom "Race Radiators" aluminium rad with notched tanks for ooler plumbing.





Fixing aftermath from leaky master cylinder.


from this


to this


exedy hd


peders r31 coilies


relocated washer bottle.


Thats all i can upload this post, i`ll post some more later.



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Back again!!

With the FJ20 in a 1600, the long inlet manifold hits the brake fluid bottles. I tried smaller height bottles still not enough. So i made this up as the tilton/willwood type stuff was super expensive.

2 x protech bottles = $40

2 x speedflow fittings, coppers washer = $65

2 x remote mount cups = $20

some brake fluid proof hose = $10

Well less than half the price of 2 tilton bottles alone then i`d still need fittings etc.




I don`t have a photo handy of the radiator but i have these. Couldn`t recomend "race radiators" enough do a wonderfull job and very reasonable price!!

Cooler plumbing notches


Top veiw


cooler sitting in


running heater lines



I`ll load some more from the phone on to the laptop later and get them on here tonight. :dance:



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Just dropped the datto down to get dump pipe and the exhaust to be modded/connected.

Will then just need top cooler bracket, wheel alignment, AFM bracket and make stone tray/grill fit and I'm done!!!!


More pics soon!!!!!!!

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you coming to winton australia day?


Yep should be. If I put it on the track might be another thing.

Got the 4agte ksev going and if we can get the 1 3/4" headers to fit leighs quad webered VB commo we will be taking that too. They both have to see if there is room for them first. Do we just email tampered?



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Just took her for a spin! Wow goes good for a stocker on 7psi!

Dude next door is making top cooler and AFM brackets as I type. Should be awesome with a 3" exhaust and some boost.



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hahahah perhapse its time for another speedo photo, facing 6pm ? :blush:


Hehe yep I'll be in that. Just need to org some dyno time next time your down. ;)


Also it was parked next to a mates 9.1sec 65 mustang that runs a 4ltr 6cyl(single cam) turbo. A few customers at the factory bypassed the musso and went straight for the datto. The guy who did the brackets(he's also doing my rolla) has built some pretty serious ford sixes and most of them would be "top engine bay" contenders at summernats. Only paid out on me for using permatex 3J on the gaskets, which I'm pretty happy about considering the quality of work he does and it being my first conversion.


Everyone says "oh datto conversions are easy. You can buy fit kits". It couldn't be further from the truth. There is so much custom stuff I've had to do to make it work. Don't get me wrong it's not overly hard but still not easy. Seems to make it all the more rewarding when you get to drive it.



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