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Auto One Kawana Carpark Meet


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I honestly doubt there would be anyone there, with the new anti-car laws and the way they are being abused the qld car scene is dead.


Downshift had a pretty awesome meet today with thousands of cars and worked in conjunction with the police and even had police escorts on the Paul Walker cruise. As long as people arent idiots we can make it work. Plus I have never seen one cop at this meet, ever.

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Yep you're right, as long as people aren't idiots, problem is that applys to both parties, if 1 in every 100 coppers is an idiot, i would hate to meet that one with that much power, it seems people have been.


I have seen police at the kawana event a few times, although only as a result of people being idiots. I am scared i admit it, its pretty much the only reason my car is not regoed yet.

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Masters at Morayfield was huge the other week, and there were actual drag cars driven in, of course unloaded nearby and driven in,


There were Police about not much fuss really, i know some heavy hitters might trek up that way, as is school holidays and one more outing is on the cards

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