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This was a spur of the moment thing and a very lucky find. we were just looking for a stock standard AE112, but came upon this beauty sitting in the back of a Honda dealership lot. took it for a test drive and from then i had to have it.


This is mainly my g/f's car, as i drive a nissan stagea (awd turbo wagon) but i'll be using this on weekends for a bit of out of town driving

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... but they wanted me to buy a new water pump and idlers (total cost including labour $550)...




Wow... Thats not bad!!



I just got a quote from BMW of $1385 (without labour... just the part itself) for SPARK PLUG LEADS!!! :D


Luckily an aftermarket alternative is available... $350. Bargain!! :)



$550 sounds nasty, but thats genuine parts, installed by a factory dealership... Can't get better than that. Money well spent me thinks.




PS I love the turbo sportivos... were still a bit expensive when I was looking for a car. They'd be a good bit of fun I reckon :D


Have fun & good luck Lesley :)

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No mods as far as i can tell, unless the FMIC isn't factory (though the dealer assured me it was, as had the 100,000km service been done.... NOT)


It's mainly going to be my gf's car, i won't be allowed to do too much to it, but i'll see how much i can get away with :)


oh and I'm number 40/110

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