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Help With Trumpet Gauzes

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Hello guys & girls of rollaclub!


I am in need of some advice about using trumpet gauzes. I have been searching for a while but I haven't found any answers to my question. Keep in mind the car will only be driven on nice sunny days & is kept out of the elements when not in use.


I'm running twin dellorto 40's on a 3k & I have just put 25mm trumpets on, I tried using cut down uni filter socks as i would prefer to use an actual filter but was unsuccessful because it keeps stalling as their is not enough air flow to them.


I have come across these gauzes which have two layers or wire with a fine mesh sandwiched between. Will these be ok for normal street driving? Obviously they will stop large objects but how will they perform from general dust etc...


Thanks in advance.


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Do you have to cut the socks down for them to fit? You're not supposed to! I had some cut down ones on a 48 ida on a 13bbp....at full throttle they would get sucked into the trumpets seriously reducing the flow. And did you have the springs in them?

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I would say they look good ,but thats all would be totally useless in dirt and dust.


May stop rocks or small birds .


Try look at maybe smaller trumpets so you can get a good filter on ,maybe cheaper than a rebuild in the long run.



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This is the space I'm dealing with & the next size trumpets down are 15mm so it's only an extra 10mm on what I got now... Can't see that making much difference.


It won't be getting driven on dirt roads at all so I was just hoping that these would be a better option than running it open...


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Sell'em... fit quad Keihins.. The bike carbs are small and aim upwards.


Upright the motor, that gives a whack more room right where you need it.


Make your own manifold, two separate ones that aim one forward and one backwards away from the turret. Use twin throttle cables.


Use twin inch & 1/4 SUs, they're also shorter.


They aren't working very well just like that even, they want more than a choke diameter clear air in all directions at the entry, so cyl 3 is getting squeezed.

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Different carbs is an option as well I guess. I had thought about using a different manifold it's worth looking into I guess. Was kind of hoping someone had used these gauzes before to she'd some light on them before I think about changing this set up.

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I see your problem ,have a look at the K&N site i no that they have some smallish type filters.


They will also have the measurements .Which may or maynot help.


Try K&N 56-1270 there 45mm x110mm x180mm

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Have you got some specs for how efficient those filter pads are? They should get down to 10micron at least, but then with their small area they will block up quickly. If you can feel the dust it is gritty enough to chew your motor up, so fine clays feel smooth between your fingers and silts feel gritty.


Just google "micron efficiency car air filter" for some background, these sorts of thing-








The main reason I have the agricultural airbox on The Girl's KE70 is that I don't trust foam socks and the airbox runs a full late-model Corolla air filter. When I took it off a few days ago the carbs were dead clean in their throats, while the rally car has fine dust in behind the socks.


With your lack of room I can't even think of a way to run an airbox with a filter somewhere else. Even some tapered fibreglass box would be hard to squeeze in there.

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Thanks for replies guys


corollaart: ill give it a measure & see how they go, they might be my best option.


Altezzaclub: couldn't find any specs on them, their from a company called eurocarb in the uk but I understand what you mean that they will clog up quickly due to the small surface area, I guess if I do run them I would need to clean them pretty much after every drive....


GJM85: it's a ke26, that's good news mate every little bit helps. Any other mods needed or is it just a simple swap & go?

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Honestly I wouldn't be running a street car with those things. Also they're gonna make it a pan to tune because they'll choke the carby airflow.


I run one of these




I emailed uni flow and got one made to 36mm tall, it's a squeeze but it fits. I don't run trumpets under it but you could run 15mm ones if you wanted.


I have a ke16 so that's the smallest gap of all the corollas.

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For those of you lucky enough to be able to have proper inlet trumpets, you can improve the flow into those by fitting a flat plate just behind the trumpet bell and rounding off the bell so that it smoothly blends into the flat plate. The reason is that most of the air comes in the trumpet from the sides on the induction stroke rather than in line from the front as you'd expect, so if the airflow has to pass over sharp lip of the trumpet it will generate turbulence. If it has a nice, smooth bump to go over then little turbulence will be generated. Here is a picture of an EFI inlet manifold that used to be on my racing car when I ran fuel injection on it, showing the smooth lip I've just described -


Just have the curved entry into the carb throat.


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