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Wrx Gc8

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nice one!


What year is that? must be a 97-98 with the nardi wheel? and no airbags.


and ECP is a pretty early number plate!

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Yeah mate its a September 97. So the my98.

It's allot of fun, and so far has not been changed to much from stock.


I'll put up some plans soon enough

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So this has not really gone far, Apart from K's. I recently hit 280***km's which I'm quite proud of.

She's still holding on strong, Since owning I have replaced only a few things.

The AFM gave up, So I purchased another

Replaced the stock fuel pump with a 255lph walbro

Picked up a 99/00 wrx spoiler,

KYB struts with STI pink springs

Installed a carbon fiber STI front strut brace

WRP10 wheels,

changed my turbo gaskets, and got the td04 tested. Zero shaft play.

ohh and the Clutch replacement.

OEM Subaru clutch, machined flywheel, rear main seal etc...

Its been fun owning but I don't think the engine/gearbox will last much longer.



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