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Big Brand Tyre Store, Poor Customer Service ??


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hey guys


last week i bought 4 new tyres from a tyre store (i wont mention the name of store)


now the wife has done 120 km on the new tyres and one has a split in a side wall and blew out


there is a small bit if paint missing from the rim, no evidence of scratch or damage to rim and they

are telling me that this is due to driving on the road and ill just have to buy a new tyre !


does any one else think this is bullshit ? ive spent prob 3000 in tyres with my cars, work van and parents car over the past six months yet they arent willing to come to the party for one tyre ??


I'm a tradie with our own company, if theres a possibility that some thing i put it might be faulty, id replace it at my cost, but i guess thats just good customer service.


tell me your thoughts





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I'd love to know where it was!


Completely agree with Reed, my partners car has some sketchy tyres from Ukraine on it and they have held up (still plan on replacing them though). A split sidewall is obviously a pretty major fault with the product they sold you, and you are well within a reasonable time period for them to give you a replacement or refund. I'd ACCC the shit out of them.

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Well, I had a run-in with Jax over a wheel alignement, and although we parted on very bad terms after they never did the 4-whel alignment and I wrote a nasty email to the head office, the local manager did refund my money. I'd buy tyres from them, but won't get an alignment there again.


You should hassle them again, and then hit the ACCC. The tyre was obviously not up to doing what it was sold for. Mind you, with the roads in NSW people sue the Councils for tyres after hitting potholes, the usual cause of smashed tyres and rims.


...and if you don't tell people who it was, your experience will just get repeated.

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ill get some pics up tonite hopefully, now the store its a bridgestone store, where they recommended a primwell tyre, mid range 165 each for 17s. i rang head office where they said my story didnt match the managers from the store as he says the rim is damaged but he had sent the regional manager a photo of the rear rim which does have a scrape on it. either way i would have wanted to see a bit of damage to actaully show me how the tyre is burst. now they are telling me that i must have hit some thing and it must have came up and pierced straight through the tyre.

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