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Ke10 Cmefry


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Good morning !   Although your car looks great, I must draw to your attention, to something I believe you have completely overlooked in "the build". 

The rear wheel arches have been "tubbed" so far, that the rear seat will not fit in at all, & you will be not able to take your little children with you; when you & your wife go on weekend picnics, to a local or distant park, or playground !



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Oh, I'm sorry. 


the only thing that takes up space between the tubbs is the fuel tank.

I didn't realise you only had two (2) little ones, "Flow & Frank".  It appears you are so involved with your mechanical beast, that you have forgotten how to spell your children's names.

Fuel & Tank;  well I never . . .

You really must give them some of your time, & take them on a picnic this weekend.


P.S.   May I suggest Langley Park, might be very suitable.

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