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Victorian Motorkhana Championship 2014


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Here is where I chime in with my own congratulations to you, second place is nothing to be sneezed at, well done!


I should mention that Blue Thing & I will be competing at Round 10 in Altona (better late than never?). Have sorted a few more niggles that have been plaguing me, so all things going well I will finally get to play again. :)

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Rub it in. I don't get to play anymore :(


Whats the date on the Altona event. Might be able to get a leave pass for the day.


PS. Energy breakthrough is on this weekend Luke....

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The last round this weekend. Without anything to lose or gain, I will be most interested in the results of the juniors. Currently a kid in Class A leads another in Class F 43-35. But by dropping their two results atm, the scores are 35-32. So along with F1, two major titles will be decided on the 23rd!

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It was a pleasure to meet you Camry Crusader, good to be able to put a face to a name.


Results from the VMC Round 10 held at Toyota Motor Corp on Sunday are in.....took out three flags.....damn I'm rusty. Blue Thing placed 20th of 52 Outright (11th of 43 if you remove the Specials), same-same on Handicap & 4th of 13 in Class A. Nothing broke & she started first crank the next morning, feels good to have some confidence in her again.











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Sorry guys, I don't quite have the Internet access that I used to, so I'm behind the 8-ball a fair bit. I was thinking of starting the 2015 thread when I get my mitts on a copy (or at least a draft) of the 2015 VMC Calender. I only managed to compete in three rounds this year, so overall results have kind of drifted past me. No offence would be taken if you did start the thread CC, I'm kinda used to talking to myself. :jamie:


P.S - Kickn5k, if you're reading this, I DOUBLE-DARE you to bring Godfrey out & show me RWD is faster. :P

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