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Leaking Power Steering Pump

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I'm hoping that the collective brains trust here can assist with a problem of leaking power steering pumps.

A friend has imported an RSi Runx rally car from South Africa which has a modified 4age 20 valve motor in it. The previous owner sent over 2 spare power steering pumps cause they would continually blow seals and they could not work out a solution to the problem.


Is this a problem with Corollas that have the 2ZZ motor (which would also be revving just as high?) If not, then maybe I'll try to get one and see if that will fit on the car.


I'm assuming (just a guess at the moment), that the high revs makes the pump run at too high a pressure and that is what is causing the seals to blow. 10 kms yesterday at an autocross track with revs between 5000 and 7500 was enough to make a pump fail.


Another possible solution might be to get an underdrive pulley machined up to help reduce the pressure (or are they readily available?), or does anyone know if the pressure relief valves in the pumps be modified?


There is a rally in 2 weeks time which we hope to enter the car in, but it will be a short event if it spits the seals from another pump as quickly as it did at the autocross track.







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Bugger, all he has given me for the engine number is V0110486711. Chassis number AAPV0110650486711.

He is positive it is a 1600cc motor, and it has what looks like a C56 gearbox (5 speed) attached to it.

I'll see if the owner can pull the engine number off the block instead of what's on the paperwork.


I wonder if they got some freaky 1.6 litre motor over in South Africa that we haven't seen here?

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Righto, I reckon the engine is a 3zz-fe, 16 valve, but modified with quad throttle bodies and who knows what else. Goes like a cut snake and the rev limit is set up around 8000-9000 rpm.

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Love the photoshop! I might pinch one of his vw motorsport power steering pumps to put on the Runx though. We know they can handle 9000 rpm (and the odd trip to 11 000 rpm).

What are your thoughts though. I don't think the standard 3zz motor was ever meant to rev this high and the power steering pump was probably geared accordingly.

I'm trying to find a meaningful chassis number on the car so i can see what other models might share the same pump.

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spoke to Marius last night.

I rekon the P/S pump was been over rev'ed.

Suggested he find a underdrive kit for it and maybe change out the relief valve so the pressure doesn't build to high.

But gerenally it's because of the rpm, and because it has a TRD box, i would guess it wouldn't drop below 6000rpm in an event.

your thoughs?

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