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Wiring Gurus, Please Help Me Get My Car Started! Custom Wiring.

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Hey guys,

I'm pretty new here but this site has helped me a lot. You guys are a wealth of knowledge and I really appreciate any advice i receive.


I am currently trying to get my S14 VCT SR20 powered KE70 to start. I've been doing a conversion over the past 6 months or so and now pretty much everything is finished and ready for the road.....except for probably the most important aspect; the engine will not start.


I may be in over my head when it comes to the electrical side but I am committed to finishing this project.


I have the SR20 engine harness, gearbox harness and ECU, and I also have all the original looms from the KE70. I ran power to the KE70's ignition switch and then ran power through it to the fuel pump which is working fine. The starter motor is also functioning correctly and the motor turns over.


I don't know how to supply power to the ECU (to provide spark and injector pulse) and the only information i could find is the picture below. Do i need to cut those wires and run power through the fused relay and into those wires going into the ECU?


I am really confused and am considering paying someone to do it for me, but I would really like to learn and do this myself.


Thanks for any help!


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I would say so. The diagram doesn't have any switch (such as an ignition key) between the battery and the computer etc, which is a bit of a worry.


I assume the ignition key goes after the 10A fuse and before the circuit splits into the 4x15A fuses. Then the relays have to splice into the coloured wires that go into the ECU. The fuse setup itself looks weird, why have 15A fuses after a 10A, and why have more than one 15A. The ECU surely doesn't pull anywhere near 60amps...


Got any other circuits that people have used??

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Afraid not.

I think it may be a 70A fuse but don't ask me why.

Any idea where the '510 fuse panel' wire goes? Reckon it taps into the ground from the distributer plug? (the coil is inside the dizzy on s14 sr20de)

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After making the above fuse/relay box and tapping into the wires going into the ECU the car now has fuel pressure, power to the injectors and power to the dizzy.

Still no spark though.


When wiring the above diagram ^^^^ I used power from the ignition switch for the 'black with white stripe' wire from '510 fuse panel'.

Also have the starter signal straight from the ignition switch to the starter motor.


So now I'm wondering if the computer is blown (previous owner of this motor could not get it started) or possibly the s13 AFM I'm using is causing problems (had to splice the S14 AFM wires for the S13 connector).


Should I get my ECU checked out?


Anyone know any decent auto electricians near the Sutherland Shire in Sydney that I could pay to help me sort this out?

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