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Hey guys


My rolla has been running almost a month now, now I need your help, about three days after I got it running on the road it stalled on me, got a friend to tow me home, got home gave it a little push start and everything was fine.


two weeks it did the same wouldn't turn over after over fuelling but this time I did not even drive far from home not even 5km opened the bonnet pulled the plugs and they were all soaked with fuel. spoke a "yard mechanic " he told me the carb needs to be set, timing and points and condensor has to be redone.


well this cost me about my left nut as he was not as cheap as i thought, last week it did the same to me again dead plugs, and now i even see that my oil is thin and smells like fuel as-well.


this happend all just after i got it running and the next day i had a full major service done on it filters, oil new plugs new brake, brake fluid the works.


I poked around anywhere i saw they were busy working on cars and asked them or the guy (so called mechanic) and two things was always the answer.


one was that the carb is done for or just needs to be set properly, with timing ect

and the second was that their is a valve/s that is not working properly or is bent ect.


Now i have tuned to you guys looking to hear what is your take on this as I don't want to spend 1000's on doing the head or the carb and the problem is not even their to begin with.

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Carb needle and seat valve on the float..


The float goes up as the carb fills and pushes the little cone-shaped needle into its seat to stop petrol coming in. All you need is a bit of dirt on the seat and petrol will keep pouring in and flood everything.


Pull the carb top off and look in there carefully. The seat tube unscrews to check it. Crank the motor and flush the fuel into a can & look for dirt in it. If the needle point is worn, get a new one.


Adjustments will do nothing, the only adjustment for mixture is the idle screw, which doesn't affect mixture when driving.


An inlet/exhaust valve in the head (if that's what he means) won't affect mixture either.


Do it yourself, and check the points and timing yourself too, its no use paying people to screw your car up when you can do it yourself!! :D


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