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Drag Race Ya Mates - Willowbank


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I really wanna break into 14s.  Car ran a 15.1 with 3.9 final drive, street tyres and a shitty tune.  Its now got sticky tyres, lighter wheels, taller gearing that should drop a shift and a higher rev limit with power all the way till cutoff, and softer springs in the back.  Ill probably leave some heavy items at home too.  If I get desperate I can take the socks off and load the 112kw tune, but Ill see what 106 can do first.  Gonna come along and race me with the 1ggte?

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I am keen mate, have been waiting for the forecast to improve for a few weeks now. Its not that bad really, but still not worth driving 2 hrs to have it rained out.

I noticed there are quite a few on about mid this month so will be at one of those. A bonus too the weather is just starting to cool down so that will help your time a lil bit. 

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