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Corolla KE20 5k engine convertion


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Hey guys,

I want to convert ke20 stock 1200cc engine to 5k liteace 1500cc engine.

Can you list things that I supposed to retrieve and do to my ride. Well I already found the 5k 1500cc engine but its not a halfcut... Just an engine with sort of wire with it...IMG_20170419_233142_317.JPG.d3c613529957a051ce1a4d53f5b053c5.JPGIMG_20170419_233155_932.JPG.f73c71e71209b641ddafc6bbc71e54f7.JPG

Is this a perfect engine to do convertion on my KE20? Or do I need to add some more to make it perfect? I want to make my KE20 more silence and reliable car with efficient fuel consume... BTW, I found this engine but I haven't buy it yet because I want to learn about it and preventing from overusing my money on something that doesn't really necessary to buy... Help me to do the "list to do" guys... Need your help so much...

TQ rollaclub.com

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List of things to do to convert your KE20 to 5K power.

- Pull 3K from engine bay

- swap your manifolds, accessories, bolt ons etc from the 3k to the 5k to keep things simple.

- drop 5k in the hole that the 3k came out of.

Depending on the year of your gearbox, one of the bolt holes may not line perfectly up but use of a drill will solve that.

Easy conversion.  Anyone with a little mechanical knowledge should be able to do it in a day. 

Drop in in and enjoy the torque that 1.5l gives you :)



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the 5k is the easiest bolt in engine with a noticeable increase in power from the 3k and still feels revvy. the 7k has more torque but needs more work due to exhaust height and sump clearance.

must use ke2 rubber mounts as theyre different to later k engines.

if that is the emissions version 5k-c, 5k-j or 5k-u you'll find unless you've got all the vacuum hoses complete and connected correctly it wont run as well as it should. I find the vacuum operated secondary flap feels hesitant even when working correctly. look for a std 5k carb which has the mechanical secondary flap and none of the birds nest of vacuum hoses.  if you use the std 3k carb it will run but could be running lean and definitely wont make the same power as a 5k carb due to smaller venturi.  an adapter plate and downdraft weber is an option too which can be tuned to suit.

If you have the original ke2 throttle cable you may need to mix and match the cable brackets to hold it in place and attach to carb.   the later k carbs don't have the ball joint connection on the end like an early ke2 cable.

from memory I used the km36 van 4-2-1 5k manifold which does not match the ke2 system or the std corolla 4-2-1 manifold as the two port secondary flange has a different bolt pattern. I made do with what I had and made my own flange and secondaries and a 1.3/4" exhaust system. 

thermostat outlet can sometimes point the other way depending on radiator top hose position.  mix and match to suit.

the ke20 heater hoses come out of the thermostat housing in a different place so use the ke2 thermostat housing if want to keep it std.  the later housings often have an electrictric fan switch which can be useful if you don't want to keep the mechanical fan. 

the ke2 fan probably wont bolt on to the later water pumps due to spigot size and bolt pattern on the pump flange.   either swap to ke2 water pump or use the later viscous hub style mechanical fan with trimmed fan blades or convert to elec fan.

if it had a g52 or l40 gearbox then you'll need a different clutch plate to match your k40 gearbox.  you may find that the vans 200mm clutch pressure plate fouls on the k box too.  so test it fits first if wanting to keep the larger clutch.   otherwise use a 3k/4k flywheel and clutch but consider getting a heavy duty pressure plate since increasing power output.

Basically mix and match parts to make it work.

I have some reading material on my car site www.toycrazy.net in 'our cars'. the yellow ke26 5k project

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also if its a 5k-j or 5k-u it will likely have electronic ignition.  This is good as theres no points to wear out.  but make sure to get the other end of the plug that connects to the coil otherwise you'll have to make the wiring for it.  if the engine wont fire up, try swapping the two wires on the coil as it only works one way.

there's two types of electronic ignition used.  internal or external ignitor.  internal can be identified with two black plastic caps inside the distributor and can be connected direct to the coil.  external needs an external ignitor so make sure to get that with the engine if the distributor has one black plastic cap inside it.

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