83 AE71 wagon, no tails/side markers/interior lights, and brake lights

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Since I bought this car about a month ago none of these lights have worked (correctly). I can get the tails/interior/side markers to work by removing the tail light relay and jumping 2 of the 3 pins, but even then the brake lights still don't work. tried a new relay and that didnt work.

 I tried removing the brake light switch and jumping it but had no luck. bulbs seem to be fine as well.

Is there a common place for the wiring harness to fail on these cars?

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No common faulty wiring areas that I know of..

Do you have a wiring diagram for it? You should be able to trace the circuits back to a common point on a diagram, and as you do note the colours and see if they agree with the car itself.

Maybe someone has had a play with it and assembled it wrong, or maybe something has broken. Most common problems involves bad earths, so grab a $10 multimeter and see what resistance you get from bulb to body in each case.

Let us know what happens and we can go into more detail.


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