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KE70 DX Quad Light LED or Halogen Options (I did search I promise)

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So my KE70 will need to go in for MOT to get its documents. Having read around it seems like the lights are awful - some bulb need replacing.

I tried to find more information - ideally I'd love to go to LED (even angel eyes) but I don't know if that's possible so maybe at least halogen, having done some searches on here I am confused as to ....

A) where/what bulbs to buy for the rears lights and indicators

B) What are my options for front light replacements/bulbs





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The front lights will be standard size. I cant recall what size it is, but plenty of cars of the era came with the same size. 

In that size you can get either sealed beams (you cant change the bulb, the bulb is part of the light), or you can get ones that take a H4 bulb. 

Yrs ago when i did the quad conversion I put H4 bulbs in the outside lights (which are high and low beam), and just put sealed beams on the inside lights (high beam only). so on low beam the outside lights are on, and then on high beam all 4 lights came on. it was great for light. not sure if it was legal though (no MOT here)

Got any more photos of your car? looks epic. i like the blue. 

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