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Rear main seal


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Does the clutch work nicely at the moment? Are you sure its a rear main seal and not a front gearbox seal? Check the inside of the bell housing to see if the front gearbox seal is leaking. All the black leaking oil from the rear main seal will be up the back of the flywheel and around the front of the bell-housing, then spreading backwards. The gearbox oil leak will be dripping out of the gearbox shaft area. Mine is gone, its a $10 seal, but you have to strip the gearbox from the back forwards to replace it, a $250 job. It can drip on the garage floor until the clutch gets oil on and becomes shudderery- last time I cleaned the clutch plate with petrol & put it back in, been over a year now...

Just check the clutch plate for thickness, it has wear grooves in it, Spin the thrust bearing and see that it is smooth & quiet, not dry or rough. Look at the springs in the pressure plate to see that none are broken. Usually my clutches last 200,000km unless there is a manufacturing fault.


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Clutch seems to be working nicely. I don’t think it is the gearbox seal although there is oil in that area, seems to be oil all around the bell housing. And leaking quite considerably when the engines warm. Hey 

 only started after the car mainly does short trips then I took it for a drive for 2hours+ Which made me think it was the rear main seal. 

I don’t think any of it (seal, clutch etc) has ever been replaced so would it be worth biting the bullet and replacing the clutch while it’s all disassembled?



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