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Hey guys bought this Corolla for cheap due to it having a blown head gasket so this is the journey so far, cleaning it up and replacing everything on the motor. 
When I first got it. As you can see she was pretty rough. The plan is to do a budget street cred build. But I want it to be mechanically A1 first. 
Painted it in primer for the time being.
This model came stock with 2 small speakers under the dash and thats it. So I thought about it and decided to run all new wires to the doors so I could run 6.5s all round. Alot of work as you can see seeing as there were no holes in the doors or body so I had to do it all my self.
Ran all the wiring the the guards to keep it clean. Ran all the speaker wiring properly in the door sills aswell. 
Cleaned up the interior. So much better.
And then it was time to pull the motor. 
And the motor is ready to drop back in. Just waiting on new engine mounts as I received the wrong ones. 

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Bit of an update on the Rolla, motor is in, after putting it back in I had a few dramas. Had a problem which sounded like a sticky valve, ended up checking valve clearances open and closed and they were perfect which confused the heck out of me. Ended up chucking some engine cleaner through it and doing a oil change and using a thinner oil now and seems to be good now. Also did a compression test which came back perfect with 150psi across the board. But here she is now ready for RWC and rego! Also changed up the exterior a bit so it's somewhat ready for the plans I have for after RWC and rego! Stay tuned! 

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Alright since it is now rego'd I decided it was time to go ahead with my plans. Just remember it's not everyones cup of tea but I'm building it for myself not anyone else! Enjoy!
Alright so original plans were to do a 3 tone sort of thing, top was going blue, bottom black and to break it up I was going to grind the middle down to rust it. BUT, started grinding away and found a shit ton of bog in the drivers rear quarter so that plan went out the window. So, just started doing something, alot of trial and error, didn't know what I was doing exactly but here is how it went! 
Started with painting the arches.
Painted the blue, I admit it looked alright here but it wasn't the vision I had so had to keep going.
Started doing a patina affect, as far as I got before work that night. 
Started sanding it back to add the effect, wasn't a big fan of having so much blue.
And a few days later, after the salt and vinegar had it's way with it!
Then it was time to do the bonnet, I wanted to replicate the bonnet on the mazda at the start of the thread. Which was pretty hard because when I did that bonnet it was a pure accident. It was originally blue but I did the rising sun on it, went to sand it back too paint it again and thats how that happened. 
Started with a Ocean blue base coat
Did the black over the top of it. Then free handed the rising sun since I was sanding it anyway so it didn't have to be perfect.
And then just sanding for gold! Take note I sanded this whole car by hand! I do have a orbital sander but decided it would be too agressive. 
And then it was time to do the exhaust, I wanted it loud but not way over the top. I ended up cutting out the rear muffler and straight piping it. 
I loved the look of it but it was freaking loud! I went for a drive and got pulled over by the popo and got a warning for it. Woops!
So as much as I didn't want to I decided to chuck a cannon on it since I had it laying around, sounds heaps better! Painted it blllllaaaaaacccckkkkk so no one can see it. lol
Hopefully get my new wheels after christmas and have coilovers here waiting to go in!
Oh and I also did this under the bonnet!

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Picked up a AE93 SX for a parts car for $200 as the owner thought the motor was stuffed. Ended up just being the vac sensor not hooked up properly. Runs perfect now. Body is rough as so everything from that one will be going into mine, eventually the 4AGE will make it's way over as well. 
Started off swapping the seats over. Top is before bottom is after. 
Test fitted the SX wheels, sadly they hit the coilovers on the rear. 
Chucked on the SX wing, digging it without the side sections for now.
With the SX grill.
And the strut brace.
Mainly bought the SX for the disc brake rear end, so all these other parts are just a bonus! Especially the 4AGE!

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Well a lot has changed since my last post! SX brakes front and rear done including the SX front control arms and swaybar.
And then I picked up the new wheels! 15x8 0 offset Dynamic D hole steelies.
Then it was time to make them fit, pumped the guards and added a fair bit of camber.
And here is the finished product!

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Bit of an update on the ol' girl, still going strong. Got some genuine Toyota roof bars off a mate and made some wood slats for it to keep the old school look. Bonnet paint started flaking so painted it the colours of the classic Toyota badge. And made new door cards out of 3mm MDF. 

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Thought it was time for an even bigger change, So here we are! Got sick of the rust so decided to go all one colour. Different, but I love it! 
Was going to go SX stickers for the rear doors but even though it has all SX parts, the body isn't a SX. So I didn't want to be one of those guys that put chev badges on commodores, so designed these and got them made up! 

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Decided to give the T04S7R some love from my tax back so moved the headunit down to the lower hole and got a Kenwood DMX5020s double din, love it! Made a gauge holder out of plexiglass and have a oil pressure gauge to go in the centre hole just have to sort out the sensor.

Also been really enjoying this thing lately! Love driving it every day!

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