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Disc Specs for the KE10 - KE70 Front Brake Upgrade

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Hi all.
I was hoping to get some help on this. I'm trying to follow the upgrade guide on here
There's no info I can find about which KE70 discs to use. Can anyone shed any light on this? Or have measurements from their own KE70 discs they fitted?
So far I have KE55 GIRLOCK backing plates & calipers I bought from OZ some years back when on holiday. I'm in NZ
Still need to sort KE70 Hubs and Rotors
Thought its about time I sort out the KE70 parts for this upgrade
I've checked with a wrecker of old Toyota parts, he asked which model KE70, IDK...
I've done some checking and there seems to be multiple rotors listed for the KE70. So far I've got 3 numbers that come up from Toyotas own listings. But no specs.
43512-12100 (79-83)
43512-12070 (79-83)
43512-12190 (83-87) 
Managed to find some info from aftermarket part#s
DI-212 (228.4mm OD, 32mm Height, 11.5mm Min, 12.5mm Max) $16euro each https://spareto.com/products/japanparts-brake-disc/di-212
DF1915 (229mm OD, 31.5mm Height, 64mm ID, 11.5mm Min, 12.5mm Max) https://spareto.com/products/trw-brake-disc/df1915
(These 2 might be listed for the 79-83 years)
DF7533S (81-88) $52.45+ea
Size: 218mm OD, 64mm ID Hole, 11.5mm Min , 12.7mm Max, 30mm Height)
and found this listing for KE55
DI-218 (217.6mm OD, 30.3mm Height, 9mm Min, 10mm Max)https://spareto.com/products/japanparts-brake-disc/di-218
Any info would be appreciated! Thanks 🙂

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Here's the dimensions I measured off my 1983 slanty when I converted it to Diahatsu Move vented discs. They would be the $52 discs at 218mm. I wonder if the 229mm ones are on AE86s.  The longer life ones, 83-87, are on wagons & vans. They stopped making KE70/AE71 in 83.

B discs front.jpg

C Discs rear.jpg

E Backing plates compared.jpg

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