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  2. iv Got it running now the carb was the problem maker but it fixed now.but I’m confused on my firing order as I was using 1324 when I bought the car and that’s how I was driving it now iv changed it too 1342 as a couple of people have said that’s what it is. Seemed too run better when I had it on 1324. Might sound a bit stupid but I'm only 17 so I don’t have much knowledge about cars just do it as I go and learn from people and asking about it.
  3. Sent a p\massage back .Please check.
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  5. I thought they just allowed an angle difference between the column and the box, like a cheap UJ for small angles. They will take vibration out of the steering wheel, and allow an angle to develop between the box and the column in a crash, but they don't stop the column coming upwards and smacking you in the face like the sliding joint does. The KE70's UJ allows a much sharper angle in the steering shaft so the rack can be mounted further back with the same steering column angle, otherwise we'd be driving buses. Knock one up out of any plate lying around and try it. If there is an angle change, as seen from the side, between the column and the box shaft then the plate will flex as it turns, and the steering will get tight and loose as it turns. If they are parallel then a solid one will be fine. (We do have random racks and columns lying in cars out in the paddock...)
  6. I have sent you a private message. Please check it out.
  7. Thanks Jono and Keith I would love to get rid of my f##king steering box it has to many moving parts ,old and shagged. I m not across converting it to rack and getting it right and safe.I would think that ke70 column and rack would be a start . There are very few 70 left in northern nsw ,Keith and Steven have them all lol. I have a few old coupleing laying around ,i was just seeing what else i could get or what others have done . The alloy option sounds interesting ,i could make them my self ,we have lots of alloy at work. Arent these suppose to collapse in a crash?or more of a dampiner between column and box? thank guys
  8. No problem. Will need your address for shipping cost. Do you require insurance? Aaron. P.s. Anychance you can send your email address?
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  10. Yes, I am still looking for one. Is it possible for you to ship it to Portugal? What would the price be?
  11. What do you want it to end up as? Would it include better handling with sway bar mods, a camber change at the front and more castor to get more turn-in? Would it include more power? The 4AGE must fit in there easily, but if not you're a bit limited by the space. Changing the carb would need something shorter than a Weber DCOE, and finding a hot cam would be hard I expect. Bike carbs and a custom cam cut with a skimmed head and a clean-up of the ports would liven it up, but it would be a lot of money for not a lot of gain compared to a 4AGE. Brisbane will just rust it out before its much older, so rustproof it carefully & keep it clean and polished. Buy another car later as a daily and pull the '82 out for Toyota meetings.
  12. any more advices guys atm still standard?
  13. Pretty common to swap to a solid billet style one in silvias etc for more direct steering feel. Theyre available pretty cheap for those.. could be worth messaging a seller to get pcd and see if one would work
  14. Ok. The oil problem should'nt affect the carb unless you had the carb or manifolds off the head & ended up with an air leak in there now. Hopefully you've sorted the oil leaks & someone can sort the carb for it. Nice car in the background..... That shouldn't need the bonnet up!
  15. It was running bad and pissing out with oil I didn’t realise how bad it was until I had put new oil in and couple weeks later I checked it and there was barley any oil left I think it was leaking mostly when I was driving it bc there was only small drips on the drive way where it was parked.i was only changing the head gasket and the oil seal thing that slips on too the crank shaft but I bought a set witch had every gasket in it so I dicided I may aswell change the rest aswell, the previous owner Had put silicone gasket maker and the gasket aswell and there was heaps of silicone in the sump and some in the oil pick up filter iv got a guy that is going to fix the carb for me hopefully and then it should be running again.
  16. Convert to rack!!!! ..or maybe a rack UJ. Nah, they're twice the price! Rob, I've never even heard of someone replacing one of these. They have to be flexible as the angle changes as the turn. Do you want a used one? cheers
  17. Ah... give us the history before the timing problem. Why did you replace gaskets? Was it running happily before that? If not, what was the problem then? The most likely problem involves the needle & seat, but if someone has modified it the jets may be to blame.
  18. Iv got the timing set now still wouldn’t start I had a guy come have a look and he said my carb was stuffed the two jets are throwing way too much fuel in there so it flooding is there a way too fix that issue
  19. I have one in the shed in Australia, 20 + post
  20. Hi all, I'm looking for a mechanic in Sydney who can complete an engine conversion. I'm looking at putting a NA sr20 in to a ke20. Can anyone recommend a good quality reliable mechanic who would take the conversion on. Thanks for your help all. Chris
  21. This is at the local wrecker. Probably cost $20.The postage will cost more than that, from Postcode 2800 Aussie to Sweden, $22. Let me know if you want it. https://auspost.com.au/parcels-mail/calculate-postage-delivery-times/#/option/international/AU/SE?fromPostcode=2800
  22. So my steering coupling is a shagged ,been looking for a replacement . The only one i can find is here https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/TOYOTA-LITEACE-KM20-YM20-CM20-TRUCK-PICKUP-COUPLING-ASSY-STEERING-COLUMN-1-Piece/322331289140?fits=Plat_Gen%3AKE55&hash=item4b0c712634:g:pZ4AAOSwTkFcY0lG&frcectupt=true Sort of looks ok ,ive checked nolathane but there don't seem to have them . Just wondering if theres a compatible one out there ?appently the early light aces ,are the same but can't find them eather!. I was thinking of a early holden ,ford ,valiant or some thing that might share the same bolt pattern??? Short of cutting up a bit of 10mm plate ,I'm not to sure what i could do .lol Any help would be appreciated cheers rob
  23. AE92 Light Weight Boot Lid for Racing (Part 1) https://youtu.be/IGb6FH4-06U
  24. Hi all, I'm looking for a mechanic in Sydney who can complete an engine conversion. I'm looking at putting a NA sr20 in to a ke20. Can anyone recommend a good quality reliable mechanic who would take the conversion on. Thanks for your help all. Chris
  25. Looks great! The rust is just typical, always in those spots. Its certainly great value! You're not going straight to a 3SGE with an Altezza half-cut? There's a strong Altezza club in Ireland, although I don't know how the import prices are. They're about $1850Euro here in Aussie.
  26. Oh yes. The motor stops in roughly the same position each time, maybe with a random piston halfway up on compression, so only some teeth on the flywheel get hit. They wear away and the starter teeth won't mesh with them. It just goes 'click'..... Was the starter motor you bought new or used? Was it reliably working on a car if it was used? Reconditioned and guaranteed by a shop? They're all getting old and worn out. Here's the inside of a solenoid, I usually just put a washer under each heavy copper bolt/terminals to move them closer to the contact bar. https://www.pistonheads.com/gassing/topic.asp?h=0&f=12&t=842819
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