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  3. Try this site.https://www.willtheyfit.com/ Pretty sure they will fit.
  4. I actually had the outer ring on the engine damper, the rubber bonding, allow it to move more then 20*. Put a screw driver in the number 1 plug hole and turn the engine over by hand to TDC. Verify the timing mark aligns with the notch on the outer damper ring. If the timing is correct and the injectors flow and pattern looks good. Double check again for vacuum leaks. Davew7
  5. ok ill give those a try, thanks
  6. The 4AGE diagnostics manual is still hosted on AEU86.org along with other 4AGE manuals. The link is still working https://www.aeu86.org/technical/ae86-manuals/
  7. Got any error codes showing? Can you check the injectors output into a measuring cylinder over 15seconds & see if its 50cc or over? Is it running an oxy sensor?? The ECU should alter the mixture according to the sensor's voltage. Is there an intake leak via a hose or somewhere, something outside the ECU's ability to compensate for? All you can do is go over it again and see if there's something you missed. Maybe something tucked away under the intake manifold. Can you beg, borrow or steal a mixture display, wideband or narrowband, just to check what the oxy sensor is sending. Even a multimeter might do it, the oxy sensor produces 0.5volts at ideal mixture & you could tap into it's wire to read it. Maybe take it to a garage who has one to get a reading at cruise. Chase down Parrot's 4AGE diagnostic manual and use a copy of that. If you can't d'load it I can email you a copy, its only 6meg compared to the full 4AGE manual at 90meg. A lot will be common between the engines. I think if you can make sure the mixture is correct you will solve the pinging at the same time.
  8. Hi, I have a 5mge toyota cressida engine (rebuilt 2 years ago) and I have issues with the car running learn/pinging. I pulled the spark plugs out and the grounding strap was WHITE AF, lean and overheated. I have since put in 1 colder plugs, but it hasn't done much. The spark plugs are consistent across all 6 cylinders, all white and overheated. This problem is an absolute nightmare, because I have chased every possible thing that could cause it, well, almost. Fortunately I have a tonne of spares, and this efi motor is quiet old so it's very simple. I'm fairly sure its the same bosch ignition system as the early bigport 4ages. The only unique things about the car is that with a combination of ma61 and ma70 supra parts I converted it to manual. So the auto ecu is very confused and has a lot of codes but does not effect that driving of the car (I assume it wouldn't effect fuel mixture) and it has a pod filter on it (apparently some motors can randomly get upset by different intakes). Things I've done 110% check fuel system up until the fuel rail. Replaced fuel pump (even though there was nothing wrong with it), the tank is clean and full of 98. Checked fuel pump wiring, fuel pump itself is running through a 12v regulator because the alternator in the car is a bit average. Filter is fine, I replaced that. AFM replaced, O2 sensor replaced, Throttle Position Sensor replaced and tested working with TSM. ECU replaced (I have 3, no differences). Knock sensor replaced. Wiring checked for continuity between major sensors and ECU, all good. No vac leaks that I can see. The car does not hesitate at all, but when you put the gearbox in a high gear like 4th and cruise under load you can audibly hear it pinging. It gets quiet bad. Timing has been check MANY, MANY times. I even retard the timing just so I can drive it without killing it. I'm at my wits end, the only thing I can think of now is the fuel rail and injectors. The injector o-rings were brand new when I put them in 2 years ago. Is it possible for injectors to have a bad fuel spray at certain rpm, and is it possible that a clogged fuel rail could cause this? The car runs great, no hesitation at all, it just pings at certain rpm and I don't want to kill the engine over time. Also, I've looked in the coolant and oil, no BHG, and no visible signs of any cracks in the head. However, I'm not that sure about symptoms of a cracked head tbh, but I'm faily sure it's ok. Thanks all.
  9. ***FIXED UPDATE*** I have to say that I finally found and fixed the issue. The mains where too small making the engine running lean. What I used : primary main jet = 125, aircorrector = 180, emulsion tube = F50, idle jet = 55 secondary main = 130, aircorrector = 195, emulsion tube = F6, idle jet = 50 What should be used in a stock 4K engine with a Weber DGV 32/36 primary main jet = 140, aircorrector = 180, emulsion tube = F50, idle jet = 55 secondary main = 135, aircorrector = 195, emulsion tube = F6(under no circumstances do not use F66), idle jet = 50 Works like a charm. Many thanks to altezzaclub and davew7 These two sources also helped a lot: https://ratsun.net/topic/2125-weber-carb-hesitation/ http://www.3fowlers.com/Weber Trouble Shooting Guide.pdf
  10. The control solenoid, which the original Aisan did not have is a anti-diesel solenoid, that closes the throttle when you turn off the ignition. You should be able to adjust it fore and aft at the throttle, which would effect idle. But first check the choke. Make sure that the choke is fully opens after the engine is up to temp. Then verify that the linkage to the fast idle cam is correctly adjusted. I would also check for a vacuum leak. Davew7
  11. Ignore these prices. Usually inaccurate
  12. Was chilling on the couch so looked them up for you on toyodiy This is a 1982 TE72 There are 3 seals inner seal 63252-12010. On search doesn’t come up at Amayama outer seal for glass panel 63251-12010. $AUD250.96 outer seal for metal panel 63251-12020. $AUD270.59
  13. Need some ideas here. My 5k has a fairly new Aisan type carb, which I run without a choke. Up until yesterday it was running smoothly. While driving, the idle speed suddenly shot up to at least double. After getting her home, I suspected the throttle cable may be hung, but it wasn't. The linkage is working normally, bolts and hoses are tight. I've backed out the idle speed screw, which only lowered it few hundred RPM. This car is equipped with some kind of a control solenoid, which the original Aisan did not have. Could this just be buggered? I'm thinking of just removing it to see if it makes a difference. What else could cause the sudden change in idle speed?
  14. Always interested in parts but am in Melbourne. A bit far to buy the shell unfortunately
  15. What you see is it both front reat Windows are there. I'm on the north side of brisbane. I'm looking for about $500 Are you looking for some parts?
  16. Where is it, how much is it, are there any parts coming with it. SL shells are no different to non SL
  17. Is it a genuine sunroof or aftermarket? I recently bought a new seal from Toyota for my AE86 via Amayama. I would be relatively surprised if you can still get one for a TE72 but you never know. Have a look at the part diagrams on Toyodiy.com You can put the part number into Amayama and get an indication if it is still available or not. Exterior trims i suspect will not be available but same story
  18. Yes if you want full quad head light setup you will need those things but I don’t think you’ll need too change anything with the radiator support. I’m going too be doing the same thing as I like the quad headlight but not enough too spend $1000 for everything needed so I will be doing the bezel and grill with a bit off costum work not too hard should fit fine and way cheaper then buying a full front end for quads. pics are from: tongo_bongo. On Instagram
  19. Its all back together and running now. New clutch is great. A little heavier but still quite nice. New brake booster has fixed the wierd pedal feel. Just feels like a normal brake pedal now. New thinner wire throttle cable has the desired effect and returns to zero effortlessly. I have 5 oil pickups now and a Jig to make new ones from. Ive got 5 bellhousings, forks, slave cylinders and a lot of whats needed. Was working on a mounts program but that didnt pan out as intended so it was stopped. Next will need to be an inlet manifold program, so that will solve another of the hurdles. I have now got an orderable part number I can get to spec for the clutcdh and flywheel setup, and it corrects the need to space the starter, it just bolts right up to the bellhousing now. She goes like stink! I took a drive over the hill to Samford yesterday for a shake down. Went perfect. its great putting a car back together when its already tuned, as it just works! Managed to secure another MX13 Diff and tailshaft! Spares! Timely too as my back left drum has issues.
  20. I have a 1980 te72 hatchback that I’m looking for the sun roof seal and other exterior trims I need help
  21. Looking at selling my ke15 corolla it the SL model its a rolling shell and needs a lot of work If interested give me a call 0432411550
  22. Well, the usual ones are getting power to the solenoid and then the starter motor, and then earthing it back. Seems you have that sorted. Then there's the contacts inside the solenoid that burn away until they can't provide enough power to the starter even though the solenoid clicks into place. Then there's the windings in the starter, which your new motor should have sorted. ..and that leaves the teeth on the flywheel that get hammered out of shape as the engine always stops in the same relative position so only a few flywheel teeth every get smacked. So, was it a new new starter and solenoid you fitted, or just another used one? Can you remove the starter and somehow view the teeth it will crash into each time on the flywheel?
  23. I have wired up the new relay circuit and unfortunately it hasnt helped the issue at all. Its acting exactly the same which was a big dissapointment haha. Any other ideas on what it could be if not this? ive wracked my brain and I'm stumped cheers Leon
  24. Hey Dave I am located at Buccan which is on the way to Logan Village from Waterford. I have a very nice midnight blue with light highlights through it. It is high end commercial. There is also a multi toned brown as well as red green yellow and blue solid colours. I can send u some pics if u are interested
  25. its got tein ha's in it - but i plan on keeping those for the corolla. try trade-me in nz for springs its been sitting now for 16 months so no major hurry. still awaiting my big shed to put everything into. doubt you'd get the screen out and transport it to tas unbroken to be honest! T
  26. where abouts are you located big G? and do you have any in darkish colours?
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