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  2. Drink some fish tank cleaner....... You be fine M8 *do not take comments by Msr Trump as any form of endorsement. Following the Presidents advice [on ANYTHING] could be toxic for 240,000 US citizens 😕
  3. AE101/102/111 coilovers will fit 100% (as long as they aren't for a SuperStrut model), I believe AE92 will as well but not 100% (some places say they do, others have different part numbers)
  4. I'm new here. I live in South America. Found your website, as I'm scared about my KE Corolla, catching the viras, & turning into a Corona. I do not want that, as I couldn't afford to pay for the more Benzine it would use. I have looked up about the viras, & found that the Corona Viras sticks to metal surfaces. I decided to make my Corolla very slippery, so nothing could stick to it. I poured an old drum of sump oil, I had here, all over it last night, before going to bed. Very bad ! When I wake up this morning, the paint is peeling all over my Rolla. Is there anything I can do to reverse this condition ? P.S. Sorry, I can't post a picture of it, as I think my phone has got the viras too, as the camera part doesn't seem to be working this morning. Thanks Karlos
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  6. Great to see it still looking so good.
  7. You can't see it's...ugh... not so healthy side, so we'll stick to the propaganda view for a while. Steve, you are a legend for the photo & making it look like that! :)
  8. Hi Chauny, Welcome aboard ! Bet we can help you fix your Corolla, as there are not too many faults, I would think, that we haven't come across before. (especially electrical) Altezzaclub, was quick to answer you, because he "loves" KE70s. Tell us a little about your Corolla, which will help us, help you. Electrical faults can be intermittent, or "partial", but are often, just working one minute, & not the next. (like when you blow a fuse) When was your Corolla last running OK ? Did it just stop, or was there signs of something going wrong before it became immobile ? Any smells ? Dim lights ? Been hard to start ? The more information you can feed us, the quicker we can point you in the right direction, & get you mobile again. Cheers Banjo
  9. What is not working on the car?? Here is a wiring diagram, its for the KE70 with a 4K motor, not the 2T. There are always differences in wiring between countries too. https://www.dropbox.com/s/s0xs2udvrv9qfl2/downloadfile.jpg?dl=0
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  11. Hello good afternoon I am writing from Chile to see if you can help me with a photo of the electrical diagram of the Toyota Corolla. My car is broken and I would like to see if I can repair it with my basic knowledge. My email is [email protected]
  12. Was looking at lowering the corolla, i have the 2000 hatch and was trying to look for some coilovers and can’t find any for it. I have found multiple for the ae111 or 99 model and was wondering are they compatible or is there a way to make them fit? thanks in advance.
  13. Hi Mason, From one woe to another, it seems ! As the replacement alternator you obtained was a "new" one, & it is not charging properly, your best option, is to now change the external regulator, if you can get hold of one. I would suggest to any one who is going to fork out for a new alternator, that they upgrade it to one with more output, & that has an inbuilt solid state regulator. The original Corolla factory alternators all had outputs of 30-35-or 40 amperes. Current alternators with 85A output are of similar size, & you'll always have nice bright headlight, instead of the "yellow candles". Although there are plenty of 85A & upwards alternators available, mounting them is the big issue, & lining up the pulley that the front, with the existing water pump, & crankshaft pulleys. I used an 85A one out of a earlier model Toyota Hilux, years ago, & it has be fantastic. It wasn't even new; it was a rebuilt unit. I only recently had to replace the regulator, which started to play up. The reason the Hilux alternator was a good substitute, was that it fitted on the existing K Series engine alternator mounting bracket, & only needed about 3 washers to move it, forward, so the pulleys lined up. I think I even transposed the original alternator pulley. Hope that is another option for you. Cheers Banjo
  14. I have a front end i can sell u.what city n state are u in?
  15. Make a careful budget for this project, you'll probably spend a similar amount whether you use a K motor or a newer 16valve with twice the power. What Coln says is right, do up a K and enjoy it, it will cruise at 110kph, overtake cars with a bit of work, and even manage to go up most hills. However I figure you need a 4AGE to really keep up with anything. At Woolshed Rallying we have four 4AGE-powered KE70s and none of those motors have had a rebuild since they were bought. That makes their cost plus the T50 gearbox about the same as rebuilding a K motor. Even better, about $3000 will buy you an Altezza half-cut with the 3SGE and the J160 6-speed, but the associated engineering costs push this price up. 4K- 43KW (58 hp) at 5200 rpm and 90 N⋅m Hot 4K- 55-60KW, maybe 95Nm 5K- 53KW, 105Nm or so 4AGE- 95 kW 142 N⋅m 2ZZGE- 141 kW 181 N⋅m . The gearbox will be difficult! 3SGE- 154 kW 216 N⋅m
  16. Surely by now every k engine has either been repurposed into a great wall or requires a rebuild.
  17. Dunno, got my last one nearly 20 years ago....... First port of call would be a Toyota wrecker
  18. cheers dude ive been looking into the 5k tonight and it seems too tickle my fancy you got any suggestions where too get a low km 5k from?
  19. 5k, throw a decent cam in it (ignore every one that says you need to go to solid lifters, keep it hydaulic), up the compession and give the ports a going over. A set of extractors and a 2 inch exhaust, and change the carby to what ever tickles your fancy and go have fun.
  20. hey guys I'm debating on what would be best on doing with my KE70 making it 4k-e, 4k-u, building the 4k-c or building a 7k. i would just like it too still be cool old school and be able to somewhat keep up with my mates in there s13's etc would anyone be able to help me out on reliable cheap but ways to pump some more power out keeping it legal and old school cheers
  21. Hey, Replaced the old alternator with a new one, didn't solve my charging/blowing fuse issue. Found a bad wire on the external voltage regulator and soldered that back together. That seems to have fixed my problem. No more charge light and no more blown fuses, and the battery is charging, however, now I'm getting pulsing lights all throughout the car and my charge voltage is jumping from 13-15 randomly (also affects idle?) So I am thinking the reg is bad. Thanks, Car also did run fine without the engine fuse - just no charge Also car wiring has definitely been hacked into in its lifetime - unfortunately...
  22. Hi mate, is the car still available. Very interested.
  23. LOOKING FOR BONNET AND RH DOOR Hi guys, just starting a build and I'm on the hunt for some ke 20 pieces. Really hopeful to find someone wreaking one in Perth but willing to pay postage if I find them interstate. Looking for: Bonnet. RH door (LH also if it's in Perth ). Bottom door sill cuts (both sides). Lower tie rail. Lock barrels all round with key. Cheers for any help offered. James
  24. I've been fighting similar issues with my new motor for years(geez that sounds weird). If you are still getting dramas I've got a good/cheap MLS option coming when this chinavirus deal is over, I've also "copper gasket" sprayed composite gaskets to make em seal.
  25. Well here's today's load. Destined to become our next batch of planter boxes...
  26. Yep- We did the basic stuff like that- https://www.rollaclub.com/board/topic/42407-the-girls-ke70/ Makes a great little run-around, light & nimble.
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