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  2. Number one, you need to put a price. Number two, they will be illegal in Australia without ADR compliance. I wouldn't have these in my car if they were $20 each
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  4. Not much been happening with the old girl.... I have looked for a 'factory' deck lid/bootlip spoiler since getting the car and they are RockyHorsePoo..... Finally snipped this at megga cheep 😉 I believe the Gen6 corolla has a similar bootlid, 4 doors, and wonder if the guys out there have taken something similar and done the mod? 4A-F
  5. I've been working closely with a seat specialist and finally made it happen! Classic style bucket seats. I plan to open for pre-orders for first batch, if anyone is interested do PM your details and we can get in touch to further disucss.
  6. Looking to get back into corollas I'm located in SA but will consider all interstate options. Picture is of my old one.
  7. Hey mate I'm restoring a 71 ke20 has M2 colour code thinking of painting factory colour did u have any luck finding a formula?
  8. Oh and the Caldina is such a trooper, I love it. Dirt jumper on the roof (didn't feature in video) and I was able to get 3 kids, 3 race bikes and me inside!
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  10. Parrot to put Byron's riding into context, this was immediately after Sunday's club racing (why the other 2 are in their Yess gear)... and after a full day at Blue Derby on Saturday. The dirt jumps are over 30 years old, community build on high school land. The high had now just paid to have that added.
  11. Caldina cameos throughout! That looks like a super fun park. So many jumps.
  12. My thighs are sore just watching
  13. Mentioned my son's channel last week. Thought I'd throw it up here instead of spamming in someone's tech thread. 😝
  14. Where are you? I have a set of ke55 brackets.
  15. Hey, Does anyone know whats required ( hopefully nothing) to fit a R154 Gearbox into a KE38 ?? Does the box actually fir in the tunnel space ? Its going behind a 12a rotary FYI. CHEERS!!!!
  16. Hey what is your Facebook page? I need conversion kit for 1977 Corolla 2 door sedan 3sge swap
  17. Do you happen to have brackets for the shifter console. If you do I'll pay freight. Can you email me at [email protected]
  18. Looking for shifter console brackets if you have them. I'll pay freight. Can you email me at [email protected]
  19. I'm looking for shifter console brackets if you have them I'll pay freight. Can you email me at [email protected] Thanks in advance!!!
  20. By any chance do you have the brackets for the shifter console?
  21. I'm looking for shifter console brackets for ke35/ke30. For manual transmission. Let me know if anyone has them, I'll pay for freight/shipping.
  22. Excellent job Golberg going over the 4AGE Cooling System. I wanted to add one bit of added info on Cooling System potential problems. Upon purchase and receipt of a used 16V Large Port head of completely unknown history I proceeded to completely disassemble it. One thing I did note was the small drillings in the eyebrow cooling passages on the combustion face side of the head were nearly completely blocked. The material appears to be one of those pour in your cooling system things used to seal up minor leaks. Three of the four openings were very much plugged and took a hand spinning a drill bit to open things up. I have another large port head and compared how deep the drill bit would go into the opening. I believe these small eye brow openings permit coolant to circulate around the port passages and must flow somewhere. Does anyone know any greater level of detail on where and how the coolant flows when it enters this opening in the eyebrow? Anyone ever do a a cross section cut that might reveal the flow paths?
  23. FREE driver side window to anyone who can use it. Pickup only obviously. Burwood 3125. I’ve also got the door frames driver and passenger which are no good to me
  24. Hey, i have noticed the chrome on your front window is the same as mine. are you able to send me some more close up photos of the rubber as i can't find them anywhere else thanks! [email protected]
  25. Yeah mate, I've hang long travel bikes since about 2007. As long as I can shuttle or session short sections on the way down I'm good these days. That's a nice Norco they've built the best bang for buck rigids since I can remember. I'll give him a sub mate, f'me they grow up quick!! I remember you posting a photo or two when he was a toddler.
  26. Stunning with that lovely blue sky behind it. I just had a look from the top side, as the live webcams there are updated every 5 minutes. Must be very cold up there. Looks like icicles are hanging over the lens of the camera ? P.S. Unfortunately, I can't spot your house from there ! Cheers Banjo
  27. North of the state got dumped on a few nights ago. Didn't come quite as low down this way. No snow on the trails but this is my current view of Kunanyi...
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