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  1. hi guys been about 8 years since i was last here thought i would do a quick up date. i had to sell the car a few years ago but still talk to the new owner, its had a lot of time and money put into it by the new owner and is on it's way to 9 second pass, anyway here is a few photos of the new setup.it's making 607hp at the tyres on 28psi on E85 , sad i had to sell it but happy someones put the effort in and it's going good. it's getting a few upgrades and should be back at it and try to crack that 9 soon.
  2. Can u let me know if u had a wire diagram for wire harness and what did u do for the motor mounts ?? Did u use a different crossmemer

  3. Hey what's up can u email me I don't know how to post yet but I need help with a swap same kind u did rb20det 80 2door rolla [email protected]

  4. i am running a mgt 8.0 it has a 8.2cc motor 5hp, run it on 30% nitro the thing spin's all 4 wheels on the road and i have to run a wheelie bar to stop it from flipping on it's roof when i hit the throttle. spent alot of money on it and drive it about twice a year i keep jumping it over car's and off wall's and breaking it. i have seen a guy on you tube jump one over a house and thought i will try it but snapped out of it.
  5. hears a v8 one with just a little bit of dish...
  6. have any of them asked you if they want the car running as up hear in sydney most i spoke to would not pass the car untill it was complete and running the way it was going to be engineered as they want to see the car the way it will look on the road and sound as they have to do a noise test and can't do one if the car is not running..
  7. if i get a few thing's fixed and have the time i will be up for a cruz , it will be good to meet some other rolla club member's and day time would be better for me if possible thank's..
  8. i like the above two as well never heard of those band but i like but hear's something that i have had going since 1992 and it still hold's up today brutal truth get it into yah.. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bmNEDaByjNE...feature=related
  9. i went off cannibal corpse when chris left the band so i followed him to six feet under the first 3 albums are good but don't like the newer stuff.
  10. can't forget fear factory http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G1BTe_BstkY
  11. he might come to vic to do it as i am in sydney and he is in the act and came up to sydney to do it, i think he does a run up hear every week or two could go down to vic as well but you will have to ask him thank's..
  12. sounds like a sh#t fight mate not good at all the only help i can give is to ring this guy http://www.vehicleengineering.com.au/ they say on there web site they now do victoria this is the same guy that done my car and it look dodgy compared to yours but that said i have rang him to ask about more stuff i want to engineer and he has been a bit hard to get hold of and get info out of so i hope this may help thank's..
  13. thank's mate and to altezzaclub hope you get it working thank's..
  14. trev how are you running the wide band through nissan consult as i have this http://www.ecutalk.com/ but can not get the wideband to input into the ecu so it won't read the wideband i have had it running through nistune untill my laptop crashed and i lost it but lately have been using it on carby car's and just using the digital cauge on it but would like to log the wideband with ecutalk and not do it as a stand alone setup. i done a vl turbo with microtech but only trimed up the base map that came with the computer so he could drive it around and not foul up the plug's before c&v gave it a tune. just about to put my adaptronic ecu on and then it will be a full tune and data logging all the way but untill then i just want to get it working through the consult setup any help would be nice thank's.
  15. the jay car one is narrow band one i have not used a jaycar wideband one as for the narrow band one it's no good for tuning. i am very happy with the aem one but i brought it for the price at the time and have had it on a car that was tune with a motec one and we put the aem one on and it read the same as the motec one so i was happy, my mate's motec one was $1500. i was looking at a plx setup but happy with the aem, once i worked out how to log it and get it running through my laptop it work's fine and have used it on a few carby v8 and have got some good result's, it does a/r and lambda and has a analog out put and a 0-5 volt out put and can be calibrated and a auto meter looking gauge but it is one of the cheaper one's around trev put a link on hear for techedge and they look like they have more functions so have a read. the jay car one is going in the bin that's what i think of it but if you are trying to cheap just a sensor is anywhere up to $100 or so for a good one. i have hear good things about the innovate one as a stand alone setup but never used one i like the aem one but it's the only one i have used.
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