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  1. Hey all... After a Bonnet, Guard, Valance panel, 71 jailbar grille + headlight trim rings, front bar... Heres a pic of what I need to fix \ Cheers Call Jordain on 0468 403 713 if you have any parts of interested, located in SYDNEY.
  2. BUMP. I need this gone! $8000 Call me on 0468403713 for more details.
  3. Hey Up for sale is my BEAMS powered KE20 corolla. Was a standard car about 3 weeks ago... Till i decided to put a Beams motor ( 210HP ATWS ) plus a 6 speed j160 Gearbox, Shortened T series diff into it Basic spec list.. KE20 shell with all original interior and dash. No firewall mods. Transmission tunnel has been massaged and shifter hole cut into the tunnel. BEAMS motor with 89832km J160 6 speed Gearbox with 89832km Custom tailshaft Shortened T series diff with Ke20 mounting brackets Custom lowered Leaf springs KE20 front cross member modified to suit 3SGE beams rubber mounts -Also has a rack and pinion conversion added to the cross member Custom gearbox mount notched to suit 2.5" exhaust Custom exhaust .. Has Catalyctic converter, Resonator and sports muffler at rear Custom Extractors ceramic coated Custom intank EFI Setup -Runs all standard RS200 Altezza fuel pump -all in tank, standard pump, quiet, BEAMS don't run a return line so factory pump has to be used otherwise speedflow fittings and external adustable pressure regulator is needed. Batterys relocated to boot and mounted and all wirings done for the starter motor The cars got ae86 coilovers with JDM vented brakes The heater will work as its all hooked up I can provide videos of the motor running in a front cut i got the motor and box from The car needs.... Hydraulic pedalbox - modify altezza clutch line to suit, Collapsible steering column finishing off and installed back into the car, relay wired for the ecu + thermo + fuel and thats all the wiring done. needs the brakes bled and a few little things to finish it off. Also needs rear shocks and handbrake cables and i'm sure there will be other little things i've missed/forgotten about. ^ NOTE the motors not mounted at this stage so its not crooked don't worry :P I will more than likely finish it off before selling it but.... I'm leaving for Japan on the 31st of October and I need money to buy a drift missile to drift at Drift Matsuri in Ebisu. The car's located in Penrith, Sydney I'm after $9000ONO for the car with everything. Call me on 0468403713 for more details.
  4. Girlfriends daily driver whilst her MX5 was off the road for a motor swap and LSD diff. KE25.. fairly complete. Drives, has 5 months rego left on it... Original motor and gearbox. It looks clean in pictures but it's pretty shabby. It is a good project car though. It's hard to explain the body but it looks like it's had shitty rust repairs to clear a rego inspection in like 1990's and it's all coming out again now. BUT the body is good just needs a little work. Any decent panel beater could have it ready for paint in a week. $2500 Located in Sydney Call me on 0468403713 for more details.
  5. Planned to get it registered and daily drive it but booked a holiday to japan and need money and don't really need another corolla so i'm clearing out a few. Original KE20 corolla, has been resprayed in a few spots. It has very little rust. It's in good condition for it's age. The original 3k motor was seized, so I pulled it out and put in a rebuilt 4k motor. I put the motor in, bolted all the original ancillaries onto the engine and that's as far as I got with it. I bolted a new Datsun 1600 twin circuit mastercylinder on and haven't bled the brakes yet. I'm pretty firm on $3000 as there is realistically a few hours work to get it driving again, rego paid for and the car is on the road. I'm located in Sydney Any more details or want to organize an inspection call me on 0468403713
  6. well been a little while.. KE10 bay is nearly ready for paint... Luke should be coming up to sydney to paint it for me, in return i'll be ceramic coating his extractors for his Beams. I been powdercoating and ceramic coating everything on my Beams motor. I made a custom top water outlet with the filler cap in it too.. Thats really all thats been happening in the KE10 world.. Swapped a dead 4age for this Ke70. bought this ae71 wagon for all the 4a parts, crossmember gearbox, ae86 brakes etc etc... swapped parts around between the wagon and the ke70... got a Ke70 with all 4ac running gear and quad lights... My mate drove it around for about 2 weeks.. coils went in with ae86 or panelvan brakes then i picked up a cheap 4age with all the shit so.... it went into the ke70 It runs, just has a few problems with idling and timing but i should have that sorted out by tomorrow i hope.. ALSO in the midst of all of this, done a blacktop 20v swap on a mates ke70 too made a healthy 96.7 kw from a stock blacktop 20v... Not bad for drive in then drive out 2 days later with a blacktop 20v... Ahh the memorys of this little car lol!!!!!!! Anyway... Hope to have the KE10 at WTAC for the corolla stand with the engine bay all painted and the Beams in !!
  7. The front wheels on the datsun are R101 RIVERSIDE wheels. pretty rare... altho i bought a set last week for the KE10 The back wheels are Work Equip 01's... pretty easy to find just $$$ Ma61's are 14x7+8 offset Nah was at traffic lights! haha!!
  8. Got the Rx7 radiator in Fits real nice drove my mates 1200 coupe to QLD with him.. This car is basically the Datsun version of my Ke10.. Has an Sr20 in it on ITBS, recaros, wide wheels, Jap styled, White and both owners are lost ʇ~~ɔs lol! bit more... Towed the Ke10 on a Lawn mower trailer to get an exhaust.. 2.5" with a Cat and 1 muffler. Ceramic coated extractors.... Picking it up this afternoon hopefully. I'll update later tonight.
  9. 5 MONTHS since i've posted on this forum... It's amazing how much your life can change in 5 months... got the book thrown at me by the police in my ke20 corolla ( 4age 16v, ITBS, No interior, bucket seat, hydro handbrake, loud exhaust) and only TODAY nearly 4 months after getting caught drifting on the street i got charged in court. I was up for nearly everything they could possibly get somebody for drifting and being a hoon... and I got off with a neg driving charge. My mum passed away in febuary, I bought a TRX bluebird to do skids.... Now i'm more motivated than ever to finish my ke10. Heres some pics of what's been happening. SOOO i've learnt a lot. I've learnt how to powdercoat, ceramic coat, polish alloy.. I've learnt to become abit more of a perfectionist. I've been pumping out big hours on the 10 lately. I'm hoping to have it driving and registered in 3 months This is my bluebird TRX, Ca18det 272 cams 770cc inj gt3076r turbo hks gate hks manifold 3" exh external gate for making bitchs wet rb20 box h190 diff with bolts in it big ʞ©$ɟoff hydro handbrake bride seat full bonds rollcage... Street registered.. ANYHOWWWWWWW Ke10 time MA61 supra wheels fit nice. But sadly.... ITBS, BEAMS and J160's don't fit into ke10s nicely... figured i had cut everything else so might aswell cut more.... so out came the drill and grinder Cheers Guy S for helping me :) made some room.... NOW... the car currently has a hackjob of a radiator support... it's rubbish.. Dunno what i was doing a year ago.. actually dunno what I'm doing now lol Copying the same setup as this... flipped RX7 s1 radiator with a modified inlet and oulet.. Note the rad cap is on the top cast radiator pipe. update sometime soon!
  10. That if you drive a car thats modified on your P's you will get harrassed, that if you drive sideways you will lose your licence and that twincams don't last if you rev them hard haha! I learnt to drive and I also learnt that K series is the best haha... They are super reliable and never miss a beat hah!
  11. I have for sale my KE20 It's got the original motor in it 4 speed gearbox standard tailshaft and diff Has invertered leaf springs in the rear with 120y springpack and TRD blue shocks BC ae86 adjustable coilovers in the front with JDM ae86 brakes and Pajero mastercylinder. Original RED vynil interior Original steering wheel It's been rebushed in the front end completely. There is only 1 part damaged part to the body and thats the passenger side sill as you can slightly tell in the picture below its got a little scratch/crease. There is no rust that i'm aware of. I'm after $4500 The car HAS rego till august Contact Jordain on 0468 403 713
  12. It's now back to standard... 3k 4 speed... It's now un defected. I've driven it once and .... never want to drive it again... Who wants to buy it!
  13. T series ae86 diff but you will have to shorten it.... or just the stock diff and weld it up like i did!
  14. I've got a Complete Ke20 corolla with a 4age in it. The car got red labelled. I've decided to cash the Rego in and part the car out. I'm going to keep the rolling shell. I've sourced nearly all the Original K series parts to convert it back to standard. So I have for Sale... 1) T50 gearbox $300 2) Custom Tailshaft with hardispicer unijoints $200 3) Locked Borg warner diff. Made no noises, has no backlash as when I welded the center I set the lash again and put new cylinders and pads in the diff $??? 4) EFI setup. 044 fuel pump, Carter Lift pump, 2L surge tank, Ke20 fuel tank, all the fuel lines and the return line $300 5) JDM ecu, custom wiring loom wired by Justin from Prowire. The wiring is immaculate and I've never had a problem with the wiring in the car. $600 FIRM 6) Custom pedalbox with a new Mastercylinder, slave cylinder and a custom Braided line. It has been set up to place the mastercylinder away from the engine which makes more room in the engine bay $300 FIRM 7) TRD extractors > 2.25" exhaust > 10" resonator > 2.25" muffler... 2.25" tip. The exhaust was made by the boys out at Windsor exhaust, It is top notch. All laser cut brackets and bolt into the original spots. The car is quiet on idle but has a very nice note above 5000RPM. $250 Firm 8) JDM RWD water setup all sandblasted and powdercoated clear. $350 Firm 9) JDM RWD manifold sandblasted and powdercoated clear $300 Firm 10) KE20 > 4age Engine mounts $200 FIRM 11) T50 > Ke20 gearbox mount $50 12) Custom 400mm stainless steel T50 gearstick $50 13) Ae71 Radiator moded to suit Ke20 radiator support with a 10" thermo fan mounted on the back. $50 14) Modified Steering knuckles to suit AE86 Coilovers ( Same as bolting Te27 Knuckles on ) $50 15) Ae86 BC coilovers with JDM AE86 vented brakes and camber tops $1200 If somebody is interested in a bolt in 4AGE Bolt in package then here it is. Surely somebody wants to convert their KE20 to something that is a hell of a lot more fun. The reason why i'm parting it out is I want to build a 1JZ s13. Need something that's cheaper to re shell when I hit a wall drifting. The package bolts in, no cutting, no hitting required. It simply bolts in. For any more information/pricing call me on 0468 403 713 I am negotiable on some things.... Cheers Jordain.
  15. You should've shortened the fuel pump setup like me and Luke did so you didn't have to cut the tank up so much. Good work and progress though Mick! Can't wait to go for a cruise in it :P
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