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  1. rolla_j

    Spotted Qld

    Spotted in Park Ridge shopping center car park
  2. rolla_j

    2017 cruise ideas.

    Any chance of a future meet up in Brisbane, my Rolla's not reliable enough to drive that far.
  3. rolla_j

    Spotted Qld

    Sighted 2 more Rollas in Logan, thought I would snap a picture with mine :D
  4. rolla_j

    Ke20 Accelerator Cable Clamp To Head

    Are you able to send a picture and tell me the cost to post to boronia heights 4124 Briabane. Cheers
  5. rolla_j


    Hey Rollas, I am looking for the man whom I purchased my car off in the year 2010. I purchased her in Pimpama and paid cash. She had no license plates and was sold as is. This picture was taken the day I brought her home. I am looking for the previous owner as a fellow Rollaclub member has been doing some work on the engine. Instead of pulling the whole thing apart it would be quicker if we could know what was done to the engine prior to my owning it. Cheers, Jamie
  6. Hi Team, I am looking for the accelerator clamp shown in the pictures. I only have half a clamp and I am looking for the other half, if anyone has one. It is for a KE20 which has a 3K Head. Cheers, Jamie
  7. I am looking for the man I brought this car off to ask some questions about the work done on the engine. I brought this car in 2010 from a man in Pimpama, QLD. The car had no plates and looked like it does in this picture. I am trying to find more information on what work they had done to the engine. Any help would be great. Cheers, Jamie
  8. rolla_j

    Spotted Qld

    Spotted a Black KE25 in Browns Plains approx 1month ago, was on the Mount Lindsay Highway. Pulled up beside him. Also seen a yellow KE25 parked outside shops near cheesecake shop in Browns Plains on 22/07/16 Also spotted a standard as brown KE55 in Slacks creek about 1month ago.
  9. rolla_j

    Cheap Ke20 Parts

    Hi, I am interested in the Glovebox lid and dash pieces for $20. Postage to Boronia Heights 4124, QLD
  10. rolla_j

    Ke20 Ke30 Ke35 Ke55 Parts

    Hey can i please have a photo of the Ke20 ignition and door lock boot and fuel cap set $125. Cheers,
  11. rolla_j

    Ke2x Members Page

    My KE20, from red to green.
  12. rolla_j

    Shed Cleanout Ke20 / 26 Stuff

    Hey bud, do you still have the KE20 air filter cover. Cheers
  13. Hi All, Need a mechanic who can do some minor work to my KE20 and supply a RWC so I can use it for my daily. Contact me on 043541976-Jamie Browns Plains area
  14. rolla_j

    Corolla Ke25 / Te27 Parts

    Hey bud, do you still have the valiance available..Thanks
  15. Hey bud, Would you have ke20 air vent covers or the bracket to bolt the front bumper on, T shape thing? Thanks.