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  1. Hi Cohen, I have a bunch of the interior trims lying around from the 3 ke55's ive been through. (I don't use much in the rally car) If you want to come down and take a look PM me. SatNav
  2. Great to see another Ke55 Race Car!! They are top fun and awesome at autocross and motokhanas! Might need to get some engine tips off you at some stage.. :) I'll be following this one pretty closely now. Hope your havin a blast!
  3. Would you be willing to ship the k50 to victoria (at my expensive obviously), if so consider it sold :)
  4. Hey Guys, After a 5 speed gearbox for my Ke55 Rally Car, Could also be convinced to buy a 4 speed if its been recently reconditioned.. Happy to pay for postage to victoria. Post your offers! Thanks guys!
  5. Just an Update! Spike was rolled in April during a Race Event :( Currently Half way through the rebuild phase... Follow its progress here http://www.facebook.com/spike.rallycar :)
  6. I did this to my old ke55 rally car. worked a treat!! It will definitely be the 1st thing I put back into the rebuilt one :) Photos here :
  7. Hey JordyKE, I have a speedo cable for k40, its still in a ke55 4 door sedan in shed. (no engine or gearbox). let me know if you want to come grab it.
  8. I still have this in the shed.... anybody want to make an offer?
  9. I am looking for a Ke55 - 4 door Shell in reasonable condition. (ie no major rust issues) Interior, Engine, Gearbox, Bolt on Panels.. not important.. but will still consider buying! Cheers! SatNav
  10. PM Sent, Sorry for the delay. I'm down the coast on holidays for the next week or so i've got limited access to the forums.
  11. Hi 84DKE, Welcome to Rollaclub! I have a 3spd auto that I took out of a 1980 ke55 sedan that had done 149,000Km's (Genuine!) It's yours for $100 Only issue is I'm in Melbourne, Victoria. SatNav.
  12. I have a Trimatic Gearbox with the Torque Convertor and flywheel out of a 1980 Ke55 4 Door Sedan for sale. The car I removed it from had done 149,000 km's I'm asking $100 for the lot. Pickup Only from Kilsyth, Victoria. Cheers! Satnav
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