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  1. Hey guys up for sale is my 3TC powerd 1976 ke30 ive had the car for a number of years now it has a bit of rust and needs tlc running gear wise she is good i built the 3t and fitted it myself using a te3X cross memeber so it was all bolt in i never got the car engineered but it is still registered and will come with the original motor and box she will also be coming with a spare 3t motor and the orginal motor and box motor specs: cam regrind by crow cams have the papers some where shaved head 10:1 compression bottem end fully balanced lightend fly wheel twin mukini solex side drafts electric dizzy interior isnt the best nor is the paint ive left quite a bit out so ask if you want to know anything $3500
  2. and unscrew the condenser wire and condenser off the dizzy thats not needed eather
  3. try pushing the magnet down further if it doesnt go any lower take it off and make sure the inside is lined up correctly with the edges of the shaft try, flipping it
  4. hey man did you receive it yet, how did you go with it?
  5. my 60 series landcruiser has a similar kit, it works so well that i decided to do it to my 3t ke30, thanks for the links dude
  6. hey dude, wondering if uve got a fan shroud?
  7. My 3tc powerd Ke30 4 door with standard running gear came to exactly 1000kg with me in it
  8. Ive got a professionaly wealded center at home you keen?
  9. Chexk for rust around winscreen rubber and back window rubber, stick ur head in the passangers foot well and look at the kick panel for rust holes, common places for rust on them
  10. no idea yet when i get my msd 6al and electronic dizzy repaired I'm taking it for a tune and ill see how much she cracks future plans would be to build another n/a one again but with a bigger cam, high comp pistons, and heavy head work.. but all in time bloke, i enjoy her heaps how she is at the moment but anyway every one each to there own theres heaps of great engines out there big and small
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