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  1. Hey, I have a set of Black Leather seats from a Mazda RX8. They are in alright condition for their age. However, some plastic covers are missing. I had plans to retrofit these to my car but have since sold the car. They come with the standard mounting brackets so could be put back in a rx8 or used for another car. Would look great in an old in a Ke30/55. Good conformable seats. Location: Carindale 4152, Pickup only Price: $220
  2. Hey guys, I have a full set (4) of Pintara steel wheels. Wheels are 14x5.5 and 4x114 stud pattern. Tyres are pretty stuffed. Price - $120, pretty firm. Location - Carindale QLD
  3. Hey, I have a set of four (4) CA18 'tear drop' alloy wheels for sale. The wheels are in alright condition with no buckles or major rash. Tyres will need to be replaced. Pickup only, Carindale 4152 Price $150 ONO Cheers
  4. Hey guys, I have a two two parts for sale: 1. T50 bellhousing with "3A" stamped on it. The clutch leaver is on the passenger side. 2. T50 Gearstick. These parts came spare with a car I purchased years ago and no longer own. Price - Give me a carton of TEDS and you can have both. Location - Carindale 4152. Would prefer pick-up as posting wouldn't make financial sense but if your desperate and willing to pay for postage PM me. Pictures here http://www.gumtree.c...arts/1075656202
  5. Hey Guys, I have a set of four Magroad wheels. These wheels are quite old and made in Japan for that fully sick JDM appeal. The wheels are similar to Wantanabe wheels, just rarer. Wheels are good condition and come with all centre caps. 4 x 114.3. Front - 14 x 6 +20 - 195/65/14 Rear - 14 x 6 + 20 - 215/65/14. All tyres are road worthy condition. These will fit on Ke30/55 well. Price - $500. Firm on price. Location - Brisbane Southside Pickup only. Thanks
  6. Yeah I have heard of one of these in WA (I think?) they are super rare here.
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