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  1. Sorry mate i have no idea on price atm, but i will say $1000 and pm me to work it out further. not wrecking selling as one unit - just in pieces :) cheers.
  2. Hi guys looking to sell my ke25 delux. The car is fully stripped. No motor but a heap of stuff with it. Enough stuff to to put together and get a complete car (minus the motor) :) I will post some photos of the car and the boxes of gear i have to go with it. cheers
  3. just sent you a message mate.... cheers
  4. hi Vics, I know its kind of not the right spot, but i am being Vic specific. I am badley after a Ke25. close to running or running, closer to stock the better. Please let me know i have looked everywhere for months. Cheers guys :)
  5. hey there, can i grab a RC sticker and a Jap style .com sticker please?? hope they are still going around. cheers
  6. hey guys, My names Matt or MattJA in the forums. I live in Mildura NW of Vic. New to rollas and the forums. I have a ke25 delux atm, stripped right down as i just started my project. although I'm looking for another ke25 coupe running (or close to it) so pleeease let me know of any, close to stock the better. around the $1000 mark. I have been looking everywhere. Looking to put a 3sge or 2T, 4age into her, but not sure. Too many options. Cheers boys and girls.
  7. anyone?? really keen for a ke25 coupe, anyone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! just let me know of any you know of. cheers in advance.
  8. bugger, its a bit too far to drive from Mildura (VIC), TNT could deliver it. I'm keen on the engine but I'm trying to find a RWD water system before I'm in. and getting it here :hmm:
  9. is that all it needs for the rwd conversion??? if sho, where abouts in NSW are you? i know you said pick up only but could you orginise shipping at my expense? cheers mate
  10. cheers abbott, around the 1000k mark. for a project.
  11. it wont be lol just wanted to know if it could be done. i didnt read anywhere that it had been done so i was curious.
  12. Raven, i know your last post was in december but i was wondering what the new dash pad situation was in 2012?? cheers mate.
  13. hey guys, after a ke20 or 25 coupe. please help with any you know of for sale. closer to stock standard the better. cheers
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