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  1. Hey bro do you have a starter motor for a 4k? Where in VIC are ya?
  2. Still got the starters? Post to 3040 VIC?
  3. Would you ship? Keen on the lowering blocks if they have the U bolts as well
  4. Hi Guys, Time to get the leaf springs reset on my 35, where is the best/cheapest place to get this done? Have been quoted $250 with an extra leaf added but have heard people getting it done for a bit cheaper. Cheers for the help
  5. Willing to post?? keen on the center console
  6. Thanks guys will see what i can find
  7. HELP!
  8. Hi all I've got an electrical problem with my ke35 and i am in no way qualified to be able to fix it. Here's a quick run down of the car and a list of things that is happening. The car has worked 4k (Oversized pistons, Chrome Molly rings, Big end, main,and cam bearings replaced, Reground cam and cam followers, New valves and seats, Double valve springs, Not sure of comp ratio, 200psi per cylinder, Twin DCOE40 webers, 4-1 extractors, New timing chain when rebuilt, Distributer recalibrated). Also running a davies craig electric water pump and fan. When the car is on... Hazard stalk up = all indicators solid light Hazard stalk down = nothing Indicators on = nothing Headlights = blows tail fuse straight away All other electrics work fine (wipers, brake lights, heater, interior light etc..) I have just replaced the indicator/wiper cluster with this http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Column-Indicator-Wiper-Switch-Toyota-Corolla-KE30-KE55-Turn-Signal-Blinker-Stalk-/400473613862?pt=AU_Car_Parts_Accessories&hash=item5d3e166626&_uhb=1 as the original one started smoking when the headlights were on. Could this be a ground problem? Any help would be greatly appreciated! Help fixing it would be even better!!!!!! (i'm in north melbourne)
  9. i no it's a long shot but do you still have these??
  10. still have the ke alternator?? how much for shipping to 3032 melb?
  11. After a 4k or 5k engine in reasonable condition. Also on the look out for 5 speed gearbox aswell. Located in Ascot Vale, Melbourne
  12. still got alternator? how much? I'm in ascot vale,vic so can pick up
  13. Hey bro can u pm me some photos of all the panels. Take it that it includes L&R guards, beaver panel, radiator supprt etc. Cheers
  14. hey guys i've just put fender mirrors on my ke70 and removed the drivers side door mirror. are there any caps available to cover where the mirror was and if so does anyone have one????
  15. hey bro I'm doing a slant to flat front conversion on a 84 ke70. i need everything if uve still got it. left and right fenders, complete quad setup (lights, grill, xxxc badge etc.) quad beaver/apron panel, complete chrome bumper setup aswell. please pm me with price of everything plus shipping to Perth 6053. cheers Angus
  16. hey bro I'm interested. cost of shipping to 6053? pm me cheers
  17. hi there I'm doing a slant front to flat quad headlight conversion and need full quad assembly including apron panel and would like the bumper pack aswell. pm me cheers
  18. Hi all ive just moved over from NZ and want to get my hands on a rolla, cressida etc. Any old toyota considered must be fully legal and driveable though. don't mind a bit of rust or a shitty paint job just want a nice daily\ located in bayswater perth but don't mind a trip for the right car ring or txt on 0420594962 cheers
  19. haha sounds gud kud ya hit me up with sum photos and info? email [email protected]
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