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  1. and i was wondering why you were buying ke20 parts :hmm:
  2. :jamie: omg. please sell me your car. it is amazing.
  3. Parts Desired: late model ke20 front gaurds, beaver panel and boot lid. ke10 hubcaps. WILL pay for shipping. Your Location: cronulla, sydney. Contact: 0424804851 or pm.
  4. hey guys, I was jsut about to pull my 5k out to paint the engine bay and clean up the motor. So I was jsut wondering, how i was to go about polishing my head and timing chain cover and stuff? Is there somewhere that i can get a step by step with what products i can use? or a place i can take it to in sydney? thanks.
  5. yerr for $1000... for carbs, manifold, linakages and ram tubes. don't like the price? show me somehwere where you can get it cheaper?
  6. Yes motor is still for sale, and yes it will bolt straight into a ke10. Although the engine is still in the car, unfortunately it has a broken starter motor. I'm trying to find a new one so will update this thread accordingly when fixed. Sorry for inconvenience for those interested.
  7. Parts Desired: as title states. Your Location: sydney Contact: call andrew on 0424 804 851 or pm me.
  8. retarded police man - I had a puppy named Adolph. He had kittens. hahahaahahahahahahahahahaha epic. Edit: LOL at number 8.
  9. I can't stop LOLing at this number plate. 4DHNYZ hahahaahaahahahahahahahahahahahaha. Have to say i like the car though. I love ablas they are the only chrome wheels i like.
  10. When will i be recieving this bonus and do i need to apply for it. I cannot get a straight answer to sve my life, my mate was trying to tell me there were giving em out today lol.
  11. i think this thread should add piks said cars with cool number plates... jsut to name more a few mates cars with number plates i love... MRMAD - 7 second torana outright quickest and fastest turbo car. WILWIN - 9 second twin turbo ls1 vx KILL351 - 8 second street regoed vl
  12. dude by any chance is your name ben? i cruized up next to ya in my lemon ke20 heading towards newtown one night ages ago?
  13. My nieghbour has a pink is200 on 20s, typical queen street car. It is so gay. His number plates are GET-CUT, which i think are the coolest plates alive. not sure why.
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