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  1. Hi everyone dan here from vic sth east I’ve got a ke26 4 door wagon I’m slowly slowly building up just like my dad had when I was younger it was red with black ascents and dragway wheels but they only issue I have is I need good condition rear fixed side window rubbers please get in contact
  2. This is one awesome wagon I hope mine gets to this stage one day soon
  3. Hi there new here I’m from hastings vic I don’t have a Toyota yet but searching high and low for the model and body I want there rare as my dad built one when I was younger but his partner at time sold it to the wreckers saying it’s scrap when my dad was in hospital yes you guessed it the illusive ke26 5 door wagon
  4. Hi there I’m from south east vic names Daniel first time poster I’m on the hunt for a ke26 5 door wagon in project phase when growing up I helped my dad build one we painted it red with black accents and had dished rims my dad had an accident not car related and substained brain injury as a result deals with complications while he was in the royal Alfred his partner at the time not my mother which had already passed away from cancer when I was 15 sold my dads car to the wreckers as she called it junk now when I went to the wreckers I could not find it anywhere I asked them and they either said it’s been scrapped or someone brought it so now it’s my time to build my dream car all I ask is I need a complete shell rolling or not and I’ll do hard work finding the rest Thankyou for reading this
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