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  1. Congratulation jamie, it's been a while since I've logged in. I see you have a new Corolla....
  2. Yah!! ganda nung gawa mo kaya ginagamit ko na dito e, ganda nung site no?!
  3. OH! sorry to heasr that, may mga GT na rin ata dito e.
  4. Starlet82

    New Here

    Hey!!! Rollaclub raided by GT!!! Ok dito!!
  5. jamie: car still available.... cookie: i'm using the solex right now but if ur intrested, I can sell it to you. for 120 AUD plus shipping.
  6. i also work in Q.C. and I also work in Q.C. welcome to rollaclub!! your car looks familiar, even the handle....
  7. Well....actually, i've been contemplating on this, but I really have no experience with these electronic dizzys... i already have the igniter and the distributor itself. haven't had the time to tinker with it and the dizzy is kinda stuck to one spot, goodbye advance..... Anyways, thanks everybody for the reply.
  8. hey all!! After a month of looking around for a new engine for my Ke30, I finally found one and was successful in changing my old 3k into a new 3k also. now it has a bigport head, TRD exhaust manifold, stock carb. (when I bought the engine it had twin down asians). had to change carbs because fuel here is very expensive. and now its running great!! now for the question, what should be the best gap for the contact point? i have tried the search button and I did not find any good results. OT: grimwolge, I still have the thing that you need, might ship it to you in about a week or two. thanks in advance for the replies.
  9. :jamie: :abuse: you're crazy man!!!
  10. Nah! theyre still new! look at the thread on the second from the right, it will go smoothly in your motor when you put it in :jamie: =0 :abuse:
  11. Hey, I have bought a set of intake/exhaust gaskets and will be sending these to a member of rolla club soon. how much are these in australia? I bought mine for like 15 AUD only, if you guys are interested, just reply to this thread so I would know how many to buy next time. I'm planning to sell some there if I can get it cheaper for rollaclub members. here are some pix. front: back: thanks....oh BTW, these are the asbestos type, about 1mm thickness.
  12. Wow! how did you do it? with a Rag and some rubbing compound or did you use something else?
  13. Wow! nice, any old pics to compare it to the new ones?
  14. Oh, not a problem......actually people are asking around but no serious buyers. I have a couple uploaded here: http://community.webshots.com/album/287436152FlJUKp
  15. welcome mate :fuzz: got any cool peformance parts for sale esp 4K engine in ur area :) I can source one out for you. What do you need?
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