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  1. Hey man that set up looks sweet keep up the good work look forward to reading and seing more
  2. Man looking sweet will need to get some tips of you when I'm ready to prime mine :D
  3. i Vote for full Resto i thnk it will be worth the extra little effort to restore the tunnel and the firewall :D
  4. man this thing looks sweet as two thumbs up :locked: can't wait to see what it does on the dyno
  5. Hey man looking good can't wait to see it primed
  6. here is a quick update its been awhile since i had 5 min to do anything so here is a couple of pics i will post more after the weekend :cool: i promise :D
  7. looking good slow and steady wins the race my man :P
  8. Nice looks pretty good condition aswell ;)
  9. hey man hang in there soldier if you need a hand just drop a line I'm happy to pop over and keep you motivated :y: mind you i don't know the first thing about panel beating or painting but i will give anything agop once
  10. Nothing more agravating then having to go back over your work :|
  11. not a bad little rig you have there any plane to paint the truck to match the car?
  12. hush316

    New Member, Ireland

    Welcome they are some nice 86's man any plans on gettting your hands on one while your down under?
  13. and to top it off i gave them the old radiator and said it needs to be like this and they still don't get it right :y:
  14. Its good to see it coming along always happy to lend a hand if you ever need one (might even throw in the other hand for laughs) :y:
  15. Well the motor is not ready but i was able to pick up the new radiator tell me whats wrong with this picture 10 points if you can figure it out The disassembly of the car is also coming along will posyt up some pics of that a little later
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