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  1. Ae82 Indicator And Mirror

    Parts Desired: Drivers side rear indicator and passenger side rear vision mirror for an AE82 corolla Hatch. Hatch being the 5 door coupe looking thing.. seca i think they call them Your Location: Melbourne.. willing to pay postage Contact: PM of text 0400076824 cheers
  2. Ae86 Interior Tas

    i have a AE86 interior in TAS. parts not for sale are: passenger seat, front door cards, dash top, cluster surround, clock surround, heater surround, and tape player surround. all parts are blue unless otherwise noted glovebox, black center console (handbrake cover section) shifter surround, black rear cards, blue/grey. exc cond rear seats, blue. no rips/ tears or major stains, bit faided parcel shelf, exc cond all boot plastics. some slightly faded and scratched plastic still seems fairly strong rear seatbelts all carpet. blue, mostly good, small hole in driver footwell.. nothing a mat doesnt hide drivers seat. good cond. slightly rubbed/ faded. solid rails probly more stuff ive missed.. just ask. ask if you want pics. pm me tho cos ill forget to check this can also get heater box and all interior aircon bits and peices.. no aircon compresser or anything tho. make offers on anything you need. will post most stuff pm or call 0400076824. cheeers, ollie
  3. yeh mate I'm very interested if you don't do any work on it what so ever and don't include the konis etc then ill give you 2000. NOW. i need it for a reshell.. i don't need the motor either pm me your mobile or call 0400076824
  4. Huge Clearing Out Sale Heaps Of Parts!!!!

  5. Eoi: 4ktc Turbo Kit 90% Complete!!

    pretty sure i have a buyer for you mate. ill give you a call
  6. Nikki Carbie. Tas

    PM'd both about post
  7. nothing happend to the meshies. pm's replied 86 radiator sold pending payment
  8. Nikki Carbie. Tas

    i have a nikki carbie off a mazda 626. it bolts straight up to a standard k series manifold its jetted for a 2 litre and $200 has been spent on professionally tuning, jetting etc. its got a see through float bowl to which is handy sometimes!! this carbie made my 4k rev to 8 grand with a 2" exhaust so it makes a fairly big difference to the stock job. it will come with a little accelerator cable bracket that got custom made and some other parts. i also have Ramflo air filter that can be used with the carbie. filter will be extra $30 it has a few cosmetic scratches here and there but is in perfect working order asking $100 and will post. pics: cheers, Ollie
  9. horns play "la coucoracha" dunno how you spell it but you get the idea :D
  10. located in launceston tas ae86 and ke 70 radiators $30 each exide baddery. really good battery USED FOR 1 MONTH $60 15x7 pepperpots with 4 tires 3 good $100 ke70 overflow and washer bottles $5 each musical airhorns $15 ke70 door cards retrimmed in towel luxury. speco 3" tachometer $30 20v stock fwd inlet plenum: $40 20v stock trumpets: $40 pm me or reply to this thread prices are neg also have a 4k for $70 and a 4spd for $50 and other stuff
  11. Parting - Ke70 Wagon`

    pm'd simon and deathsminion and royal battle ke sorry i live in tas
  12. Parting - Ke70 Wagon`

    I have a Ke70 wagon thats is black that is going to be parted out. it has a FRESHLY RECONDITIONED 4k with a slightly shaved head, reconditioned alternater and starter, nikki carbie ($200 spent tuning) brand new ramflo air filter (dome meshy style) engine runs well and revs nicely also has modified ke55 manifolds can part but prefer motor to be sold first - offers 2 inch full exhaust system with straight through sports muffler 100kms old perfect condition with all mounts and everything i payed $350 about 2 months ago $250 ono. Welded/locked k series diff & axels - offers all panels apart from drivers side rear door are straight pretty much. boot lid is perfect bonnet is perfect compressed front springs and reset rear leafs done by auspring and it handles well - alot better than chopped springs i payed $300 for it all to be done professionaly - $200 ono woodgrain steering wheel and boss kit perfect condition will suit probly and rolla i payed $170 - $100 Speco 3 inch tachometer perfect condition payed 80 - $50 about 6 stock wheels with good tyres offers headlights and brake lights are in good cond MUSICAL AIRHORNS $30 SINGLE TONE AIRHORNS $20 driving lights $20 need anything else ask cos ill probly have it there is heaps more i just don't remember it all i can get photos of everything reason for selling is cos a got a new car and this just sits now and i don't need it and do need cash location is Launceston tasmania will post stuff if need be ill sell the whole car if someone wants too for about $800 so you better be quick if you want it. its regoed and all call 0400076824 for info or PM
  13. Curent Tassie Members

    yeah I'm on here once in a while too!
  14. well I'm gonna head down for a look hopefully its still on?...........
  15. Ke70 Rolla For Sale

    bump - need this gone. new car at the end of the week... 1500 ono