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  1. Where you located. Is redline mainfold for a big port or small
  2. What state you located in.
  3. DJM1989

    4A Oil Cap

    All good I got home. Just got to clean the mess up. Also I ended up screwing a ice tea bottle in the thread and it was a better seal then the cap I bought from the servo.
  4. DJM1989

    4A Oil Cap

    Yeah got one but still piss' s out oil just seeing if any one had one. I got some at a mates workshop but he is down at Cleveland
  5. DJM1989

    4A Oil Cap

    Hey guys lost my oil cap (stuipd me) anyone round brendale have one. If you can give me a call or txt on 0433986333. Daniel I need one tonight other wise I will drive the car home thanks guys
  6. On the 19th the mg car club is holding a come and try day/ test and tune at mt cotton. More info on there website. Mgccq.org. good thing about it is you don't need a cams license for the day. I will be heading down.
  7. Hi guys, I am haveing a BIG clean up at the moment and rather throw stuff in bin i would rather see it used. this stuff will be for sale for a week if its not sold by then it will go in the bin. prices are open on nearly everything but there is one or two things i am not going to give away. phone number is 0433986333(daniel). heres the list with prices. first in best dressed. all items open to offers. *e7* lights $5-$15 each 4age BP head (suit recon) $45 *e7* suspension full set $45 slanty front bar $30 AE71 seatbelts $5 each heater /acbox $10 each door glass $10 each interior plastics $5 each steering rack $30 D/s wind break $10 window regulators $10 each a bunch of coils $20 the lot door handles $5 each clock dash $20 radiator with shroud $35 2 4ac motors $100 complete X4 rally wheels used $ offers X3 roh alloy wheels $35 each TE71 diff stronger then ke70 $100 *e7* door cards $20 for the lot AE71 rear seat $5 ae71 crossmeber motor and gearbox mounts $250 slanty guards $40 for both here are some pics
  8. Hey mate give me a call on 0433986333 (Daniel)
  9. I have 2 I want to get rid of
  10. Hi. Will the camper tops bolt into ae71 or are the ae86 ones that need drilling to fit.
  11. Hey guys, as stated I am after a aerial. I am in brisbane Southside but will travel. Reason for needing one is because all the ones I have are cut. So of you have one pm me or give me a txt on 0433986333. Only reason for text is because I work shift work. Thanks guys
  12. I am using a 22r dizzy in mine
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