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Ke30- Rotor Or V6????


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Maybe an alloy v6 from a toyota?. It might get expensive. Aurions make 200 kw standard in a 3 litre v6, fwd so conversion nightmares. Methinks in about 10 years I'm gonna try and get 1. 200kw should be enough with a rolla, and way more high tech, cool and reliable than a bolt on sc kit. Sorry to be off topic.


Firstly, 2GR-FE in Aurion is 3.5L. If you wanted to go that way you could start with current model GS300 #GR model engine/transmission because it is already RWD configuration, but auto only and probably tied to VSC, TRC, and many body electronic subsystems. could possibly use current 1GR Hilux transmission for manual if that's what you wanted, that is 5spd manual but impractically short in the ratios, especially considering the low tare of the Corolla. Another alternative would be an IS250 box, which is designed for a passenger car with #GR engine.


Considering the price on all that, if you wanted a Toyota V6 the other option would be a 1MZ from 98-06 Camry backed up with a W5# transmission using a GiantTomato adapter ring, would be less electronically complex, *might* be a bit more compact for clearance issues and definately more available second hand and more affordable as a result.


If that;s still more than you want to spend, sure, a Commode V6 is cheap and.. well, it's cheap.

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